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Cymbidium ‘King of Orchid’

Cymbidium Culture

Orchid Cymbidium

In a word, Cymbidiums are stunning.  With a lushness to remind us of better gardening days ahead and a flower to make the wait until spring worthwhile, Cymbidiums make the perfect plant.

Inside, in the winter, Cymbidiums need moderate to bright light such as morning sun or bright, “dappled” afternoon shade preferring daytime temperatures of 65 to 82 degrees F and nighttime temperatures of 50 to 65 degrees F.

Outdoors, after the danger of frost, place just inside the “drip-line” of a good shade tree or a bright covered porch.

Cymbidiums should be kept evenly moist and well drained; and fed with a nitrogen fertilizer about once every two weeks.

Available at garden centers and even grocery stores.  Pick up your Cymbidium today for the best pick-me-up waiting for spring.

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening with Confidence™

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