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Beyond Bunnies – Sculpture in the Garden at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill

In my world of beyond bunnies, art in the garden that is better than a concrete bunny, the Sculpture in the Garden 21st annual garden art show at the NC Botanical Garden spoke to me – loudly!

If I was willing to part with $3,200, she would be mine.

Lady in Yellow by Tinka Jordy

Lady in Yellow by Tinka Jordy

Here is what the artist, Tinka Jordy from Hillsborough, NC says about her work.  “I am interested in reflecting the human condition in relationship with other life, in all its fragility yet, incredible perseverance.

The surface of the sculpture is full of cracks, fissures and imperfections that express the earth, the passing of time, our mortality, endurance, and the stresses of life, both physical and emotional.  I choose to work in clay as it [is] the one material, that if I listen closely, communicates these sentiments so beautifully.”

2009 GWA (18)

She is about my height and size and our crackling is about the same…perhaps, that is what has drawn me in.  Not sure the reason, other than her pure beauty…I have just the place for you in my garden.

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence

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Beyond Bunnies: Accenting your garden with art, plus a garden accent making how-to


Metal sculptor, Joel Haas, “Butterfly”, in an early spring butterfly garden

When I look out at my 60-foot long perennial border, I see all the components that make up the kaleidoscope of color waiting to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. These winged gifts are attracted to the colors they see. Many studies support butterflies are attracted to the color purple, hummingbirds to red and bees to yellow. Once in the garden, the plants will keep them there. But like all perennial beds, the plants will wax and wane through their cycle of growth and production. By adding accents to the garden, this keeps the color constant and thus, keeping the birds and bees interested in coming to the garden.

That said, garden accents are not limited to attracting wildlife to the garden. They are at home in any garden including formal, casual, cottage, rustic, quirky, contemporary and electric!

This is where the fun begins. Garden centers, garden shops, garden fairs and flea markets are all great resources for garden accents and art. Here you will find artists who make new stuff out of old, such as birdhouses from reclaimed items; and old stuff into new, such as a birdbath carved from a piece of stone. And, of course, there is a plethora of stuff with personality to match your own. There are whirligigs, stepping-stones, bird feeders, baths, and houses. There are animals, bugs and gnomes, There are gates, benches, and gazebos. And what garden would be complete without a sign displaying a favorite saying. My personal favorite is from Yogi Berra, “When you come to a fork in the road…take it.”

Go to Wing Haven Garden & Bird Sanctuary in Charlotte, NC and read carved in marble lying in a garden path:

Life, believe, is not a dream

So dark as sages say:

Oft a little morning rain

Foretells a pleasant day

~Charlotte Bronte~

Other favorite signs are “Peace and Grace be upon this Place” or the most simple, “Welcome to my Garden.” I would be remiss in not mentioning the splattering of spiritual figures. St. Francis is at home in my garden – St. Francis is the quintessential garden accent!

When placing accents in your garden, remember the garden accent is just that – an accent. Ultimately, the whole garden is the work of art. The garden accent serves as a small part of the bigger picture. There is art that serves the role of the focal point, but in my bunny and beyond bunny world, we are only whispering our attention. Tuck the accent in among the flowers and shrubs. The garden art speaks best when whispering in the shadows of the foliage and flowers.

Feeling crafty? Armed with a little know-how and you will be off to the flea market making your own garden art. How about a little teapot for your formal rose garden? Roses and tea are a nice combination, I think. Of course, there are butterflies for your butterfly garden, candles to light paths and even a once dust-collecting knick-knack can have a new life in the garden. With a little imagination, found objects can be re-purposed into garden art.

Making Garden Art from 5 Easy Pieces


  1. Found object from flea market or cupboard – examples shown
  2. Half inch or 3/4 copper tubing from the plumbing section of a hardware store.  This is where the investment is.  However, they are reusable and copper is “at home” in the garden.
  3. Respective half inch or 3/4 inch copper tubing cap
  4. Tubing cutter
  5. Weather resistant adhesive.

Instructions for making garden accents from found objects

This example uses a $4 candle from a mass marketer.


  1. Ensure the accent is clean and dry with all tags removed.
  2. With the accent up side down and on a level surface, apply a heavy dollop of weather resistant adhesive such as “Heavy Duty Welder Adhesive” to the bottom of the object and set copper cap into the adhesive; let dry for at least 24 hours.
  3. Cut copper tubing with a tubing cutter to the desired length. I buy 10 foot sections and get several stakes from each.
  4. Insert copper tubing into the cap.
  5. Place in the garden.


With multiple caps, accents can be traded out as desired – candles at night, flower vase during the day.

For better stabilization, it may be advisable to hammer a section of rebar into the ground and then place the copper tubing over it.



50 cent find from the flea market

50 cent find from the flea market

This coffee pot accents an area in my summer garden when I like to have my morning coffee

This coffee pot accents an area in my summer garden when I like to have my morning coffee

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