Garden Bloggers Buffa10 – Will I see you there?

Plans are being made for Garden Bloggers meeting in Buffalo!  This going to be so much fun.  Will I see you there?

This will be my first Garden Bloggers meet-up.  I missed the first two and I don’t want to miss this one. Nearly 40 have said they will be there so far.  Check it out!

Buffa10 Bloggers Meet-Up, 2010;

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening with Confidence™

Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenYoest and her facebook friend’s page, Helen Yoest or Gardening With Confidence™ Face Book Fan Page.

Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum


  1. That would be a big, fat YES! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person, Helen!

    • Same here Kylee! On my end, its looking like this will be a big ole road trip. I plan to see public gardens, private gardens (already have an invite from Susan and Robin to see their gardens plus a sleepover and one of Robins famously described home cooked meals.) Along the way, we will pick up other garden bloggers. Does it get any better than that? H.

  2. Your road trip sounds like a lot of fun, Helen. I will be flying in and will see you there!

  3. TC Conner said

    Wish I could commit, but things might be busy for me what with tryin to get two books together. But I’m not sayin it ain’t possible. I was lookin over the “Attendees” list and saw lots of familiar names, I’ve visited a lot of the blogs listed too. It sounds a lot like what members of Dave’s Garden do, they call their’s a “Round Up.” I’ve been to a couple and they’re a lot of fun.

    • I hoping my will be done by then…better be! Maybe your schedule will allow. I really looking forward to it. The road trip with friends makes it all the better. H.

  4. Janet said

    Sorry I can’t make it….that is the week we are moving. Have a grand time!

  5. Yes you will. Decided to make it up there and join in the conversation! Can’t wait.

  6. Gail said

    Looking forward to meeting you face to face! gail

  7. Same here Gail!!!! H.

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