Honest Scrap Award – Honestly, Who Cares?

My friend, Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of Washington Gardener tagged me for the Honest Scrap Award.  The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second present the award to seven other bloggers.  Honestly, who cares?  Well, I guess Kathy cares enough to ask; so I will answer.

10 Honest Things About Yourself

  1. At some point, on most days, I will eat a can of sardines at my desk.  I no longer bother with dirtying up a dish…I just each them right out of a can – yum.
  2. I’m not fond of babies.  At this stage, they are like a larvae waiting to morph into something I like – a child.
  3. I’ve never met a garden I didn’t like.  People’s passions come through in the creating of each individual garden.  I like that.
  4. I’m tidy, inside and out.  When everything is in its place, I’m a happy girl.
  5. I didn’t like to do homework when I was in school and I don’t like to do it with my children.  I make my husband do it.
  6. I play Christmas music in June, if I need to.
  7. I like to write USA after the zip code when addressing envelopes.  I just like the way it looks.
  8. I’m consistant in my thinking.  If I like you today, I will like you tomorrow.
  9. I’m a very good judge of people.
  10. I am an engineer and I think like an engineer.  There is nothing that can’t be figured out, although I’m not always inclined too.

Present the award to seven other blogger

Hopefully, the bloggers I tagged for this also think like number 8…here you go!

Flower Garden Girl – Anna Lopper

Gardens of the Wild, Wild West – M.A.  Newcomer

Indigo Gardens – Lynn Felici-Gallant

Inter Leafings – Laura Livengood Schuab

Miss Rumphius’ Rules – Susan Cohan

Seasonal Wisdom – Teresa O’Conner

Toronto Gardens –  Helen and Sarah

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening with Confidence™

Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenYoest and her facebook friend’s page, Helen Yoest or Gardening With Confidence™ Face Book Fan Page.

Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by GardeningGeek, Michael Semple. Michael Semple said: Honest Scrap Award – Honestly, Who Cares? « Gardening With …: My friend, Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of … http://bit.ly/5WMXeY […]

  2. You’re just a rebel that’s all. It was interesting, and I do care. 🙂 ~~Dee

  3. I like you whole whole heaps! Love that you eat sardines out of a can. You are the best judge of people and perhaps the most consistent person I ever met. I’m very honored that you picked me and included me with this fun group of ladies now let me see if I can come up with something that I have not already blabbered. Is there anything I haven’t told on my blog already? I humiliate myself pretty often. Thanks so much for giving me another chance.
    Big hugs Helen…you are one of my favorite people!

    • Thank you for playing Anna! Since we are all learning about ourselves everyday, I am sure you will come up with some new stuff…you can do it champ!

      P.S. That reminds me of another thing I could add to my list…I like using sport analogies or cliches when discussing life.

  4. Yay, that you took up the challenge where many fear to go! AND that you are still speaking to me 🙂 Plus I got to learn that sardine fact — I’m thinking my cat would like to adopt you.

    • Yes, friend, I’m still speaking to you…never forget number 8. Your cat would really like me, but I must tell her, I’m promiscuous. I give my empty cans of sardines to the neighborhood cats to lick dry. This habit has gained the attention to many feral cats. H.

  5. […] And finally, my  friend Kathy Jentz, published and editor of Washington Gardener Magazine got me to do this Honest Scrap Award, Honestly Who Cares? […]

  6. Oh wow. Sardines?

  7. Thanks a bunch Helen! I’m delighted to be included with such a nice group of bloggers.

    Sardines? Really? That I never would have guessed. But the part about you being a loyal friend was clear from the very beginning. 😉

    I’ll reflect on what makes me “honestly unique” during this holiday season and will definitely forward it on to other bloggers as soon as I survive the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile, thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all in the gardening world. So glad we had a chance to meet this year… Teresa

  8. Helen, Thanks for the honour. I must say, it might just be coincidence, but I’ve never met a Helen I didn’t like… ;^). Sarah and I are pondering this and will let you know when we’ve responded with our confessional.

    • Helen, Helen here. Yes, aren’t Helens grand? I can’t tell you how often I’ve see your name left on a blog comment and thought I already left a message lol! To save me from wondering, I began using H instead. H.

  9. Helen, We’ve finally put our Scrap up on our blog. Thanks for the fun. Gee, I sign my name H., too! But with our scrap confessions, I know that folks will have no problem telling us apart.

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