Sunday November 29, 2009 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Each Sunday, I post Puttering in Helen’s Haven.  This post serves as my on-line journal of garden maintenance to-dos and dones!  When there is something special going on during the week, I usually post about it as well.  This week being that of Thanksgiving.  Thank you for visiting.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful day.  Good food and family.  We always enjoy spending time with my brother and his wife and it is especially fun to get the Yoest cousins together.  Hannah 16, John 14, Lara Rose 13, Helena 12, Lily Ana 9, Sarah, Aster 8, James, 6.

Charmaine Yoest, John Yoest, Hannah Yoest

Even Salvo got his belly full during Thanksgiving

Six things to be thankful for

As is my tradition, I began to decorate the outside of the home on Saturday after Thanksgiving. Each year, I do it a little different.  Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things.

This year, I added wreaths to each of the nine front windows.  The ladder didn’t reach, so I had to resort to hanging out the upper story windows to install.  Aster, 8, worried quite a bit with my antics.  He decided to hold my legs so I wouldn’t fall out.  At one point, Aster’s says, “Mom, aren’t there professions out there to help, this looks dangerous.”  Honey, I said, “I am the professional.” What a sweet boy.

Helen hanging out a second floor window to hang wreath

No fear of heights is one of my strong suits...may be the death of me though!

Also brought out my Santa collection.  I have this thing for Santa.

My mantel during a photo shoot last december.

This was for a photo shoot.  Normally the  mantle is full of Santa.

On the 8th, I’m  giving the Christmas talk at the Wake Forest Garden Club.  Spent the morning figuring out what designs I’ll do.  My talk will be on using only what can be picked form the garden …and a can of spray paint, of course.  Next week, I’ll post the designs.

These are a few of my favorite things was the kick off post for the Christmas season.

In the garden, most of the time was spent in the  Mixed Border where I racked, dug up Cannas (spreading too much) cut back Cannas (don’t want any harboring leaf rollers), mowed.  Cut peony and salvias.

Work in grass seed in shady, hilly path on the south side.  Not so sure it will have enough time to put down roots to support good growth for next year, but I do know I would have not chance without trying,  Actually, I had help from David and Aster.

Weeded the dwarf mondo grass of fescue.  This is actually, easier than it looks.  The fescue is easy to pull compared to the mondo grass.  So if you go to pull and feel it pulling back, you most likely have a bit of mondo grass with the fescue.  Regroup and pull again.

Finished piece for Country Garden Magazine

Finally, the bulbs got planted:

  • 12 Daffodils Mount Hood
  • 12 Daffodils Fortune
  • 12 Daffodils Ice Follies
  • 12 Daffodils Dutch Master
  • 24 Tulips Banja Luka

I wanted to plant Anemones, but I forgot to soak them.  They are soaking now and I’ll plant tomorrow.

Packing up work to take with my to jury duty next week.  They didn’t say I couldn’t bring a computer!

Carole Brown posted her Ecosystem Gardening post including Helen’s Haven.

Seasonal Wisdom’s Blog writeup about Helen’s Haven faves

The Book of Six © Six End of Season To-dos

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening with Confidence™

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Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Michael Semple, Helen Yoest. Helen Yoest said: Another week puttering in Helen's Haven […]

  2. Carole said

    Helen, glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to get to spend time with family and have a relaxing day. Since heights are definitely not my forte, I am so impressed with your acrobatic wreath hanging skills! Enjoy

    • True confession….I had to contort into various positions to get in and out of the window. I hurt in places I forgot I had! H.

  3. meghan said

    great post! i am loving using things of nature for my decorating as well. i got clippings of magnolia, holly, and another evergreen that i can’t remember the name of, as well as some pyracantha berries. i absolutely love it and the best part is….there’s no storage for next year!!

  4. Good idea with the pyracantha berries! Me too, no storage – the major, added bonus!!! As you know I have a fine Magnolia, but I have a friend with a better one. Hers has a nice velvety brown underbelly. I’m heading over there in the morning. H.

  5. tina said

    I’d have to agree with Aster, hanging out that window looks dangerous for sure. Not something I’d try. I finally began putting my garden to bed this week. A hard freeze got the angel trumpets and the banana trees came down last week. Woohoo! Now just a wee bit of cleaning up then relaxing. Hey, when is your spread coming out? I keep looking for Nature’s Garden.

    • We had a little frost last night kiss my angel trumpets; they can come down, but I left them. Same with the Elephant ears – not melted yet, next one will get them for sure.

      I have to admit, I’m ready for a rest too. I grew my garden out a lot more this year then I do most, b/c of the tour and all. Next year, I think I will pull more annuals than I did this year! Taking down the castors was a major job!

      Helen’s Haven will be (should be) coming out in fall 10 which means it will hit the news stands in August probably. You never know about these things….

      Tuesday I plan to see a man about some rocks for the Mixed Border…I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Les said

    I am glad you did not injure yourself for the sake of Yuletide beauty. Hope you have a great week!


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