Guest Blog Post @ Ecosystem Gardens- Helen’s Haven Wildlife Habitat

2008 JCRA Winter Tour 019

Helen’s Haven Wildlife Habitat

The birds take flight as I walk down the garden path; otherwise I’m alone. Light is low in the morning hours with scents in the air to attract me and the wildlife.

My garden, Helen’s Haven, is enjoyed by me, my kids, the wildlife. Helen’s Haven was designed with all in mind.

A garden full of color, scent, flower, texture, and wildlife is a way of life for my kids (8, 9, and 13); they don’t know any better. Often, they will ask why other kid’s from school don’t have gardens that are flush with flowers, why they aren’t luring lizards, or chasing fireflies in the cool of the early summer evening. It’s all in a days adventure with the Yoest family; we wouldn’t have it any other way….See the full story please visit Carole Brown’s blog post:  Helen’s Haven Wildlife Habitat

Copy and photos by Helen Yoest

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening With Confidence Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenYoest and her Facebook page, the Gardening With Confidence fan page. Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum.



  1. Carole said

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful garden with us at Ecosystem Gardening. Based on the comments there, your garden is quite a hit. I really enjoyed your amazing photographs.

  2. joey said

    Your garden is indeed delightful, Helen … a lovely, informative post.

  3. Janet said

    Sounds like your kids have a great appreciation for the outdoors and all its beauty…as it should be.

  4. TC said

    Great guest post Ms. Helen! And your photos and garden ain’t too shabby either! ;~)

  5. What a colorful, magnificent garden. Could you please come and help my garden out? I’m job!!

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