The Book of Six © Six Foods Not to be Missed at the NC State Fair

Just two days left to visit the North Carolina State Fair.  What a fine day we had at the fair.  The whole family went.  As usual, we ate our way through the fair with no regrets.  Well, maybe one….

I could give just one recommendation – fried.  Fried anything, even Coke.  But in keeping with my Book of Six© recommendations, here are six.


The Philbrook Family

The Philbrook Family

  1. Fried Snicker bar
  2. Fried cheese cake
  3. Fried pecan pie
  4. Al’s french fries
  5. Chocolate covered bacon
  6. Turkey leg

Turkey legs

Ok, the turkey leg wasn’t fried.

Well, I loved it all, but my very favorite – hands down, the fried Snicker’s bar.

Our friend Diana and her daughter came with us.  Diana said she took me for a tofu girl, I told her only if it’s fried.  It’s the fair, after all.

I cut of a little bit of all my foods and put a sampler plate together for my mother.  My mom is in an assisted care living facility.  She was trilled with a taste of the fair; it made her feel like she was there.

P.S.Have you ever noticed how the turkey legs taste a lot like smoked pigs feet?

Helen with her chocolate covered bacon - yum!

Helen with her chocolate covered bacon – yum!

Mr. Potato head

My one regret you ask?  I didn’t bring home more Snicker bars for later.

Copy and photos by Helen Yoest

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening With Confidence Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenYoest and her Facebook page, the Gardening With Confidence fan page. Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum.



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  2. The bacon is #1 on my list. We had a friend bring it over as am app to a party a few weeks ago. Chilled, it is heaven!!!

  3. Oh yeah, Jim, the bacon was the best. Who knew?

  4. Nell Jean said

    So cute, Helen. I read most of it to my DH, who chuckled, especially at your mother getting to sample everything. “I bet she remembers fried,” he said. He does, too.

  5. Les said

    After you ate all those treats did you climb on any of those carefully assembled, lovingly maintained, recently inspected thrill rides?

    Did you get to any of the Ag. buildings?

  6. You really enjoyed all the good foods!

    We went. We ate:

    barbecue at the Pork Producers Association tent… with hushpuppies.

    followed by the homemade ice cream from the NC State students… I had cherry.

    I forced myself to share a big cinnamon bun with Richard!

    Oh, and we saw a few exhibits, too. Didn’t ride anything.


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  8. The kids did some rides. I (or at least my stomach) was never a ride goer. Kids did 4 or 5. Could have done more, but we ran out of time. Spent time at the flower show where the Raleigh Garden Club took another blue. Never made to the ag buildings – first year ever.

  9. Janet said

    Bacon!!!!!! Just shared the chocolate covered bacon mention with my husband, he said put peanut butter on it and it would be perfect. hahaha State fairs are fun!

  10. I love a good state fair, and your list has me looking forward to Pennsylvania’s Farm Show coming up mid-winter. Was the chocolate on the bacon milk chocolate or bittersweet?

  11. The bacon was covered in semi sweet chocolate with a white chocolate drizzle. H.

  12. Janet I with your hubby on that one. Sounds yummy. H.

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