Sightings from The Hobbitt Garden

HobbitGardenRaleighYoest (7)

The Hobbit Garden is the home and garden of Willie Pilkington and John Dilley.  Fortunately for you, the Hobbit Garden is also a public garden open by appointment with a fee of $10.00 and  a minimum of 5 people.  Visitors will witness more than 2,000 plants collected from temperate zones around the world.

The Hobbit Garden is dedicated to collecting, testing and designing with rare and unusual plants and allowing the public to come learn from their years of work and experience.

John and Willie recently announced the garden will closed for  2 years.   We anxiously await the reopening.

To learn more,  email or visit their website at The Hobbit Garden

HobbitGardenRaleighYoest (9)

HobbitGardenRaleighYoest (13)

HobbitGardenRaleighYoest (16)

HobbitGardenRaleighYoest (29)

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence


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  1. Janet said

    What an interesting place!

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