Sightings from The Little Herb House

You know when you travel through a neighborhood with a name like Tall Oaks or Lake View only to find there isn’t an oak or lake in sight? Well, The Little Herb House is kinda like that – yes, there are plenty of herbs, but it ain’t little.  In fact, its down right big.

In 2001, Lisa Treadaway, the proprietress of The Little Herb House, founded her family’s herb farm.  Lisa carved out a 10,000 square foot garden in the family’s existing horse farm,  featuring eight different herbal themes.  It is a sight to behold.  There are some my sightings from various visits.

The Little Herb House

One eight of The Little Herb House

HerbHouseGardenRaleighYoest (10)

HerbHouseGardenRaleighYoest (39)

HerbHouseGardenRaleighYoest (28)

HerbHouseGardenRaleighYoest (8)

HerbHouseGardenRaleighYoest (18)

HerbProjectRaleighYoest (18)

The Little Herb House was photographed for Country Gardens magazine and will be on the news stands in 2010.

Helen Yoest is a garden writer and coach through her business Gardening with Confidence™

Follow Helen on Twitter @HelenYoest and her facebook  friend’s page, Helen Yoest or Gardening With Confidence™ Face Book Fan Page.

Helen also serves on the board of advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum



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  2. Helen I love this garden. It is big and full of interesting things other than herbs.

    Thanks for all the hard you are doing for the GWA and Tweet Up

  3. Oh Anna, this garden has you name written all over it!!! H.

  4. Wow, what a truly beautiful garden! I love it. Little Herb House is not so little after all. 🙂

  5. Lisa said

    Great post! It is such an inspiring herb garden and I loved in particular the bird bath surrounded bu herbs and flowers.

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