Sightings at Juniper Level Botanic Gardens at Plant Delights Nursery

An early morning, quiet visit to Tony Avent’s open house at Plant Delights Nursery and surrounding gardens of Juniper Level Botanic Gardens, inspired me to evaluate  my plant pallet.  Before I knew it, my early morning was late morning and I was late for an appointment.  The lingering was worth it.  It was the perfect morning to admire the gardens.  These scenes were my inspiration.

PDNRaleighYoest 051c

PDNRaleighYoest 014

AventRaleighYoest (56)

PDNRaleighYoest 023

PDNRaleighYoest 021

PDNRaleighYoest 020

PDNRaleighYoest 026

PDNRaleighYoest 028

PDNRaleighYoest 025

PDNRaleighYoest 027

PDNRaleighYoest 029

PDNRaleighYoest 040

PDNRaleighYoest 042

PDNRaleighYoest 048

PDNRaleighYoest 044

PDNRaleighYoest 045

PDNRaleighYoest 046

PDNRaleighYoest 049

If you get a chance, check out Juniper Level Botanic Gardens for yourself; it’s totally worth it.

PDNRaleighYoest 050

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. Janet said

    What a great garden tour Helen!

  2. Joy said

    Helen I love that first picture with the cone?man ? LOL
    This is an amazing garden .. I would have been in heaven walking around seeing these beautiful plants. I love that nursery site of Plant Delights .. their catalog is such a fantastic blend of information and humour : )

  3. Stephanie Martin said

    Thank you for sharing so we could feel like we were there too!

  4. I love going to Juniper Level! Maybe next weekend when we’re in your area for the Garden Conservancy Open Days.


  5. Les said

    Any trip to Juniper Level is a cause for re-evaluation of the garden. What can I pull out so that more can go in?

  6. Jan said

    Great photos. When I see pictures like this, I am inspired to get out in my garden and plant more stuff.

    Always Growing

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