Raleigh’s Flea Market for Great Garden Stuff

FleaMarketRaleighYoest (5)

Traveling around the world and checking out  flea markets is a favorite pastime of mine.   I have been to flea markets in Paris,  London, Australia, Moscow, Israel, Belgium, Budapest – yes, even Budapest;  in fact, one of my favorite pastel came from their flea market.  I don’t travel anywhere without asking about the local flea market.  Love them.

Every flea market I’ve seen had it’s on special style and stuff offered.  If you want copper pots, go to Paris; paintings, go to Belgium.  If you want silver, go to London.  If you want great garden stuff, go to Raleigh.  The south specializes in garden stuff.  Think about, we (the south) invented porch life.  Sitting on the porch during hot sultry nights, admiring the moon flowers, sipping tea, wine or mint julep, is  a way of life and a long life at that.  Many parts of the south have us sitting on the porch 9 months of the year.  What’s on our porches?  Containers, chairs, swings, gliders, accents, tables, and such.

The Raleigh flea market held on the grounds of the State’s fair is one of the best I know.

The kids fill up on hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, smoothies, lemonade, ice cream, pizza, etc.  Mom (me) takes a tax from each purchase by way of a bite, handful, pinch, or lick.  The kids have come to accept this; I have come to regret it.

The Raleigh flea market has an enormous selection of cool stuff, but I’m usually there for gardening stuff.  There are chairs, pots, birdhouses, plants, stars, chickens (metal), stained concrete garden accents, old tools, new all-weather wicker, etc.  Pretty much, if I’m looking for something, I’ll find it there.

Helen's Haven new bottle tree - with fish bottles

Helen's Haven new bottle tree - with fish bottles

A good case in point, is the new bottle tree I’m making.  I picked up the “tree” in Mann’s Harbor, NC and decided to make it a fish bottle tree.  Sure enough, the flea market had 3 on Sunday in my price range (under $5.00 each.)  Who knew?  I knew?  Now you do too.

FleaMarketRaleighYoest (42)

FleaMarketRaleighYoest (22)
FleaMarketRaleighYoest (33)

Open year round weekends 9 – 5, except during the 3 weeks around the State fair.  For 2009, the last weekend BEFORE the flea market closes to prepare for the fair is September 26/27.
Although it is open most of the year, the highest number of dealers is in the spring – April and May and in the fall – September. Also right after the flea market re-opens after the fair is also a great weekend – around the first week in November.

The only drawback, there is no on-sight shipping.

See y’all at the Raleigh flea market!

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence


  1. Deborah Guerin said

    If these photos don’t make you want to go browse at the Raliegh Flea Market — then you don’t really like flea markets 🙂

    Thx for sharing, Helen.


  2. Nancy Locker said

    Helen- I haven’t been to the flea market in years…. you’ve inspired me! Hope to see you on Wednesday at CFN Garden Club!

  3. tina said

    Ever since I saw your great buy of your bronze fountain I’ve been looking for one too. No luck:( but I have found tons of great things for the garden at Flea markets. I actually have one of those gliders and I treasure it. It’s great it is open each weekend.

  4. Eliza said

    I got my beautiful mermaid at the flea market….and an old iron bed for my new flower bed….I LOVE to go and check it out….find the guy who sells the whirlygigs made from bikes….XO

  5. Hey Nancy, I will be at CFN garden club. It’s at your house, right? Maybe we should plan a Saturday morning to go see the bottle trees and then hit the flea market. H

    • Nancy Locker said

      Definitely! See you Wednesday!

  6. Yes, Eliza, you DO have some great flea market fines. I will be there Sunday. Let me know if you ever want to go together. H.

  7. I know Tina, right? what a great find my fountain was. Remember though, It took some work and paint to get it to function, but if you consider I save about $3,000, it was worth it! H.

  8. Hey Deborah, thanks for stopping by. I have so many photos, these were just the quickest to get to…in other words, I didn’t even try to pick perfect photos to represent our flea market. If I did, it would be even more enticing. H.

  9. Lorene said

    OMG…I was already sad I’ll miss GWA in Raleigh for the friends and community but now you tell me there’s GREAT STUFF as well. I’m going to pout for the rest of the day. That bench, those bottles…and LETTERS!!! I love letters. whaaaaa

  10. Chloe said

    I’m going to a street fair tomorrow… hope I see great stuff… will take pics!

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  13. Lynn said

    How will I get all that on the plane home!!! Great finds.

  14. Lynn, I know, right? H.

  15. […] to add some accents to the potting bench, this birdcage was picked up at the Raleigh Flea Market No question I paid too much. A whopping $6.00.  I know I should have offered four, but […]

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