The Garden of Julia Kornegay and Alfredo Escobar

Kornegay 006

The Paisley Garden

The Garden of Julia Kornegay and Alfredo Escobar

5237 Leiden Lane Raleigh

A groovy garden to be sure! Paisley patterns presents well to the visitor allowing one to meander through the paths never far from the sound of water.

The stone-bordered pond, with a stream and waterfall, is at the heart of this garden. The sound of water attracts wildlife and soothing all those who visit. Paths carry the visitor around the paisley beds and into and out of the woodland gardens.

On a corner, one acre lot, Julia and Alfredo’s passion for plants and designed are well utilized. Fashion forward design (or is it nostalgia?) has this couple presenting a front yard vegetable garden including tomatoes, potatoes, onions and a sweet English knot herb garden. The borrowed landscape makes this property seem larger than it is.

With plenty of seating dotted throughout the gardens, take the time to sit a spell and enjoy the views.

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. tina said

    Such a pretty pond I think I’d sit for a spell for sure.

  2. Certainly would like to see more of this garden!

  3. Dave said

    Beautiful pond and waterfalls!

  4. Yes, Tina, this is a nice garden to sit a spell. Helen

  5. Compost in my Shoe, yes Jim, you will see this garden assuming you will stay in Raleigh for the Garden Writers Sunday optional tours. This garden will be on the sustainable food tour. But if you sign up for this tour, they you will miss seeing my garden on the other tour. It that’s the case, let’s figure out how to get you to stop by. I am on the way to the airport. H.

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