Sunday, September 6, 2009 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Crepe Mrytle Zuni now blooming for 2.5 months

Crepe Mrytle 'Zuni' now blooming for 2.5 months

My Lily   Photo Credit:  Hannah Yoest

My Lily Photo Credit: Hannah Yoest

Only two more weeks before the Raleigh area Garden Conservancy Open Days tour, also benefiting the JC Raulston Arboretum. Everything seems to be falling into place nicely.  It should be a great tour.  The gardens are all different and should meet my goal – to have every garden be someones favorite garden.

I cannot believe my good fortune – the Yucca gloriaso may be blooming during the GC and GWA garden tours.

Helen's Haven 072

North Carolina is unique in that we have two Garden Conservancy project gardens:  The Elizabeth Lawrence Garden in Charlotte  and Montrose in  Hillsborough.

I stayed busy in the garden tidying things up:

  • Laid 2 cubic yards of composted leaf mulch
  • Laid 10 bags pine soil conditioner
  • Dead headed Shastas, Cannas, Hostas,
  • Dead leafed Crinums, mint, Joe Pye Weed, daylilies
  • Trimmed Salvias
  • Added a lantana and verbena
  • Ate figs
  • Filled bird feeders
  • Cleaned and refilled 9 birdbaths

For my Fine Gardening piece, I wrote about September Inspiration

More photos from Hannah Yoest taken in Helen’s Haven.  My Hannah (My brothers oldest child) is a sensational sixteen year old with an artist’s eye!

Helen's Haven 023

Helen's Haven 031

Helen's Haven 039

Helen Yoest

Gardening With Confidence


  1. Janet said

    I love the purple color of the Zuni. Hooray for the Yucca!

  2. tina said

    Where do you get all that energy?? Three young kids, laying mulch, working and writing. I’m most impressed! The Zuni is just gorgeous. I bet that yucca will be in bloom too. I noticed some here that are blooming and I was like that’s weird because my filamentosas have finished of course. Can you tell I know like nothing of yuccas? I do like them all though. Have a great day! I wish I could see the garden now but I enjoy your pics very much.

  3. Lovely photos.

  4. Dave said

    That is an awesome Crape Myrtle! I need to find one to add to our garden. Great pictures of the kids! In my mind gardening and kids go hand in hand!

  5. Thanks Tina. BTW, I have started a new bottle tree. I send you a copy soon! H.

  6. Too right Dave. All of my clients waited to REALLY garden once their kids were older or even off to college. The idea time to begin gardening is WITH the kids. Nothing better. My kids wonder why others can’t go out and get cukes and tomatoes or figs and flowers. This is their standard, You gotta love it!!! H.

  7. TC said

    Indeed she does have an artist’s eye.

    How are you starting your Silica transparencii? Blue bottles or green?

    While in Kentucky last April I cut a sucker from my Mom’s crepe myrtle and potted it up here in western PA. It wasn’t but about a foot or two high, but it leafed out nicely over the summer, until recently. It’s lost most of its leaves now and I’m wondering what happened. Any idea?

  8. Hey TC, I like that Silica transparencii – lol. Actually, I’m making out of any color as long as it is a fish bottle. I have three so far. Went to the Flea Market, yes we have a great one of those too, and picked two up for $5.00. I don’t like to spend more than a dollar for my other tree, but I will make an exception with the fish bottles and may even go up to 5.

    Not sure about your CM. Too much water, not enough sun, fungus. Leave it until next year and see what grows. I so wish you were coming the GWA! H.

  9. Yes Janet, Hooray for the Yucca. I feel lucky. But no so lucky to waste a dollar on the lotto. H.

  10. The photo of the boy with bionoculars is my sweet nephew James Byron

  11. I am definitely coming to see your garden this year. I know it will be fabulous! Hope we get SOME rain before then!


  12. Hey C, I hope I don’t disappoint you. Remember when you come, there is more to what you don’t see than to what you do see.

    Yes, I’m hoping for rain. All spring and summer we had rain in a timely manner. Please don’t stop now! H.

  13. Les said

    I am not sure you have been getting all the rain we have, but it has given the Crapes full second flush here. I enjoyed your article on the Fine Gardening site. September for me has always been a somewhat melancholy month for me. Even though it has been close to 30 years since I had to go to school, Sept. still brings up those feelings of not wanting the freedom of summer to be over.

  14. I’m the same way Les. Growing up in VA with the start of school the day after labor day helped. In NC we start in August. It just doesn’t see righ.

  15. TC said

    I wish I could make it down to Raleigh too! :~(

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