Sunday, August 30, 2009 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Another crazy week in Helen’s Haven.  The Garden Conservancy tour is only 3 weeks away.  That snuck up on me!

Trying to figure out what to do with these before the tours and photo shoot! Any ideas?

Wildlife 049

It has been two weeks since evidence of visiting deer. My neighbor’s Hostas have a different story to tell.  It would appear from the look of them, there is no need to walk down the street a little further; they have found their favorite.

Worked on a project for Proven Winners.  They sent these for me to work with.  Heart be still.  I’m in love.

Invincibelle 'Spirit'

Invincibelle 'Spirit'

Finally, there is enough lushness to fill the beds and the bunnies bellies.  They are merrily eating, but the damage is unseen.    They’re there though.

Wildlife 045

David spotted a hawk hanging out in Woodland Garden Too (one of two woodland gardens in Helen’s Haven.)   Nice of him to stop by.

Wildlife 108

I found this little critter, just in time, as I was cleaning the basil for fresh pesto.

Wildlife 133

My friend Hoyt Bangs sent me this.  It is truly amazing!
The Birth of a Hummingbird

Other fun in the garden included:

  • Mowing
  • Dead heading
  • Lead leafing – boy did I do a lot of this – daylilies, Caster beans, Elephant ears…
  • Noticing the Elderberry ‘Black Lace’ I moved a couple weeks ago is showing signs of life.
  • Totally amazed, the two 7 foot tall Sky Pencil hollies were unfazed by their transplant about 2 weeks ago.

Don’t miss my story in Triangle Gardener on Creating a Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. tina said

    Heart be still indeed! What a wonderful pink! 3 weeks-it will be here before you know it!

  2. Yes, Tina three weeks is nothing of a wait. But then its all over in a day. In a 10 day period, I have 2 photo shoots, 2 garden tours, finish booth design, set up a booth for the Garden Writers Association, tear down a booth for GWA, host a tweetup party with @GWI and Proven Winners. Serve as liaison for the GWA dinner for the JCRA. And of course, attend the Garden Writers conference. Then its back to business as usual. Thew. I looking forward to it all though. H.

  3. Janet said

    I cheer for the hawks…keeps the bunny population at bay.

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