Sightings from the Outer Banks

Without looking, at every step, I stumbled upon life in the sand.  Here are some of my recent sightings from the Outer Banks.

Manteo 2009 031

Manteo 2009 025

Manteo 2009 194


Manteo 2009 191

Manteo 2009 176

Manteo 2009 174

Manteo 2009 188

Manteo 2009 129

Manteo 2009 139

Manteo 2009 125

Manteo 2009 124

Manteo 2009 123

Manteo 2009 158

Manteo 2009 121

Manteo 2009 117

Manteo 2009 024

Manteo 2009 116

Manteo 2009 004

Manteo 2009 005

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. Janet said

    Wonderful — flowers and critters.

  2. Kat said

    Very nice. That collection of photos looks like one really great day to me.

  3. Sue said

    I enjoyed this post. I am reading in blotanical, so didn’t look at your profile. Do you live in or near the Outer Banks? I’m in Nebraska. My husband and I drove there in June of 2007. It’s the only ocean experience we’ve had. It was awesome!

  4. It was a really good day Kat…we were not ready to leave. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express at Mile Post 4ish. There were doing a drawing for their Priority Club members – a 2 day stay anytime within a year. I hope I have a good change of winning!

  5. Hey Sue. I live in Raleigh NC, but we have closer beaches in NC closer to OBX. I have a fondess for the Outer Banks because growing up in VA, it was only a 1.5 hour drive for me from Norfolk, VA.

    Our water in Virgnia offered the bay as it means the ocean, Virginia Beach, Croatan, and Sandbridge, yet we still skipped school and weekend on the Outer Banks. Most of the area is a nice family beach. I can take my three kids to work with me and no fear they will come back with a well meaning tattoo saying mama within a heart.

  6. tina said

    Great shots Helen! Lots of color and wildlife there.

  7. Yes Tina, lots of wildlife there…for this wildlife gardener, it made my heart soar! H.

  8. Reminds me of out trip to Hatteras last October. Love the OBX! Great nature photos!


  9. TC said

    Reminds me of the life I had in N. Charleston, SC all those many years ago.

    Nice pics Ms. Helen.

  10. I enjoyed your photos – I have similar shots taken in the back yard in Manteo – butterflies on lantana. Across the street at a historical home flanking their wide covered porch are white “dinnerplate” hydrangeas next to deep red hibiscus (perennial variety, 5 feet tall). I need to capture them before they’re gone. The flowers found around Manteo’s homes capture a turn of the century feel.

  11. gail said

    It’s a lovely place Helen and I wish I was there! Aren’t the gaillardias too delightful. gail

  12. Hey Lee,

    I SAW those hydrangeas and the hibiscus. They were something. My focus was on the unexpected and unplanned. I drove by Horace’s place while in town. It was looking nice. Thanks for stopping by. H.

  13. […] a wonderful break.  At every turn,  my lens found a flower, insect, or bird.  I captured some sightings from the Outer Banks while we were gone. When the kids did stand up, I wasn't shooting – […]

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