Don’t Panic!

If you are going out to pick parsley and find this instead – don’t panic.  Plant more.  My garden is looking bare of parsley this time of year, but the butterflies are plentiful.   We’re happy.  So are the Tiger Swallowtail larvae.  Just in case you’re wondering, there are plenty of other parsley plants around for these larvae to finish growing on.

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence


  1. Janet said

    Sorry you have to stay close to home… will be thinking of your mom.
    I don’t have any caterpillars on my parsley yet.!!??!?!

  2. […] the park, and also did not touched anything – even the rice fields and houses are left untouched. Don’t Panic! – 07/13/2009 If you are going out to pick parsley and find this […]

  3. Kat said

    I’m glad you are willing to share your bounty with the caterpillars. So many people, I find, want butterflies but not caterpillars. They just don’t seem to make the connection.

  4. Racquel said

    I was sorry to hear you won’t be able to get to our area, but I understand. Wow I really need to plant Parsley next year if only for the Swallowtail Caterpillars. 🙂

  5. tina said

    You got a bonanza crop of them too!

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