Sunday June 12, 2009 A week puttering in Helen’s Haven

Castor Bean

Castor Bean

I’m still in shock that it’s July!  While the temperatures were in the upper 80s and lower 90s, the humidity has been at bay.  So, it has actually be a very nice summer so far!

We are still enjoying all the cucumbers.  This week, we plan to take some to Logan’s for the Plant a Row for the Hungry

The fun in the garden included:

  1. Took wildlife photos for a talk I plan to give the Herb Society in August and the JC Rauslton Arboretum in March.
  2. Dead leafing daylilies, Crinums.
  3. Dead heading daylilies, Crinums.
  4. Pulling Cleome and Castor Beans.
  5. Weeding.  Found some porcelain vine on the south side.  I hope I got it all.
  6. Surprised all this went in to 12 yard wast cans!  Thew, this is a lot of editing for it being so early summer in the summer.
  7. Pruned roses.
  8. Mowed.
  9. Relocated water storage units to areas needed most.  Originally located in areas with new plantings.  Those plantings are now established.  As such, moved units to areas needed now.
  10. Ordered a bee skep.  I tried to find one locally, but to no avail.
  11. Planted more zinnia seeds.
  12. When I heard Smith and Hawkins  business was closing, I went to the store at Crabtree Valley mall to pay my respects to the employees.  I spoke there on several occasions and thought they had a very good group of employees – knowledgeable, polite, helpful.  My heart goes out to them and their families as they face unemployment by Christmas.
  13. Filled bird feeders
  14. Provided clean water to the bird baths.
  15. Gave a talk to the Holly Springs Garden Club on Container Gardening.  It was a delightful group!
  16. Planted and potted some bulbs sent to my by Becky Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs Thanks Becky!
  17. Worked on updating Helen’s Haven plant id book.  It is a big task.  I needed to make sure I had all plants listed for upcoming tours and photo shoots.  When Tim Alderton of the JC Raulston returns from vacation, he will come over so we can verify I have the correct listings and that I didn’t miss anything.  The JCRA is very lucky to have Tim.  I’m very lucky to call him friend.

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. tina said

    Summer here as been so wonderful too! We are even occasionally getting rain. A good thing. My palm is doing great-putting out new fronds.

  2. Hey Tina, Oh good. It will be 20 foot before you know it! I finally had to limb up my palm some. Still looks fantastic. Actually, I edited the whole side where the palm is located. There was a gnarly Acuba that kept growing back after I hacked on it, I heavily pruned the gardenia and fig so I can easily access the path. Finally. Remember how hard it was to pass when you were here?

  3. What a busy time you are having – I felt tired just reading your list

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  5. Hey Helen,

    Oh, it just seemed like a lot. Our normal summer humidity has remained respectful. As such, I find I want to be out there more…so basically, I’m just making up chores to be outside. H.

  6. Tim Alderton said

    I am back. When do you want me to come over?

  7. YES! Thanks Tim, I’m emailing you now!!! H.

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