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A nod to Eliabeth Lawrence – a fresh idea on flower arranging

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A Nod to Elizabeth Lawrence

A Fresh Idea on Flower Arranging

Ah, fresh flowers in our presence gives so much pleasure.  When friends come to share a meal or conversation, fresh flowers usually tops the list of preparations for  a festive evening.  Often times, I’ll fill a vase with masses of billowing flowers either one of kind or an arrangement of different flowers.  They were always pretty, but really served no purpose other then being pretty.

Through fresh eyes, on a pretty spring day, I learned a simple lesson about flowers.  I was having lunch with my good friend, Lindie Wilson, at the former home and garden of Elizabeth Lawrence.   On the dining room table at the window overlooking Miss. Lawrence’s stand of bamboo,  I noticed little clear bottles and vases on the table filled with fresh flowers.  Just one flower filled each vase.  It made the most simple and beautiful arrangement.  They were all different with no apparent thought to a theme of any kind.  When I asked about them, Lindie explained that was how Elizabeth Lawrence used fresh flowers.  She would fill the little bottles and vases with flowers blooming in her garden.  It was a wonderful conversation piece.  The flowers were cut from her garden.  Not masses of blooms, but rather a single snip of what was blooming then.

Dining room of Elizabeth Lawrences home

Dining room of Elizabeth Lawrence's home

It was also fun to move the bottles around seeing how one flower looked with another.  The simple tactile pleasure of moving the bottles around sprung  ideas as to how they would work in the garden.

Now, as I prepare to entertain, I snip flowers from the garden and fill little vases.  Without fail, the conversation goes to the flowers, not just how pretty they are, but what they are and what they represent – the conversation is about the delight and wonder of what’s blooming in the garden now.

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