Dear Cleome,

JuneGBBD 020

Dear Cleome,

Since the day we first met, in what seems like another life ago and certainly another garden ago, I loved you.  I knew one day you would be mine.

Now after more than 10 years of you coming and going, you’re starting to, well, smother me – just a little.  I need a little space and so do some of my  friends.  Just recently, I wanted touch base with Callicarpa dichotoma and she was no where to be found.  The same was true with Crinum ‘Ellen Bosanquet’.  Its one thing with C. dichotoma because she prefers to visit in the fall, but you know Ellen likes to visit with me in the summer.

We had a lot of good times together.  I hope our love affair will continue for many more years.  I’ve so enjoy your friends and they are always welcome here, especially the hummingbirds.  I’m particularly grateful you don’t keep company with any bad animals like the voles, deer, and rabbits.  The fact that you bloom where you’re planted just did it for me. And still does.  Don’t misunderstand me, you will always be apart of my life.  I cannot live without you, but for right now, I just need some space.

Please don’t take this hard.  Just give me some time; by early summer of next year, I will welcome you back with open arms.

Yours, Ty Dee

Helen Yoest
Gardening With Confidence



  1. Lol, delicately done, and if Cleome isn’t a raging psychopath narcissist (don’t ask) she should take this pretty well! Another plant, just like hostas, that I have never grown or even smelled! Will she still be hanging around on the corner looking wistful in September? Perhaps you could introduce!

  2. Hey Laura, It can be, maybe a little worse of the wear by Sept. We will have lots to please you though. Also by September, we should have a break in this humidity! Ugh! H.

  3. She’s a beauty, though. I’ve not grown Cleome – I’m not sure she’d like it here.

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  5. She’s a lovely girl, even if she is a bit pushy.

  6. Janet said

    psychopath narcissist ?? Good one! She is certainly powerful and resilient! One whole garden bed is full of cleome. I will have to get a photo once they are in full bloom.

  7. Ah yes, HappyMuffetard, even an inelegant gardener would love!

    Indeed DaffodilPlanter, she is a bit pusher, but I love her so much.

    LOL Janet, We are Les’ pyschopath narcissist! He DID give us his email though, so there must me worse than us out there!

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  9. tina said

    Poor Miss Cleome, I think she’ll take it well but-sniff-sniff-she’ll move on with a little help from you.

  10. Kim Walls said

    I’ve had similar conversations with favorites over the years. Most recent with Verbena bonariensis. Love ya’ babe, but you’re just a tad too prolific.

  11. Agreed Kim! Another will be Dear Monarda,

  12. I love how cleome self-seeds over such a long period in the garden, but guiltlessly do weed out her unwanted children.

  13. Eliza said

    I agree about that dang verbena as well! But it is so hard to rip them out by their roots, I love that they turn up in such unlikely places never to return to the same spot. And don’t even get me started on Fennel and Black Opal basil! Just put them in their place and make sure they stay at the back of the beds….XO

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