June 2009 Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day at Helen’s Haven

The universe says summer is six days away.  I say it’s already here in Raleigh.  While we haven’t maxed out on day length, we are in the thick of the heat.

Once again, we look around the garden for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day. Carol at May Dreams Gardens started this as a nod to Elizabeth Lawrence. Here’s my nod to Carol. Enjoy!

There were many surprises – flowers that should be past, but seem to be hanging on.  I use this as a opportunity to journal what’s blooming today.  As such, I use large photos to be examined and not a collage.  It makes a great reference.

Oh, please don’t hate me because I’m blooming beautiful!

JuneGBBD 134

JuneGBBD 131

JuneGBBD 138

JuneGBBD 099

JuneGBBD 093

JuneGBBD 092

JuneGBBD 123

JuneGBBD 091

JuneGBBD 089

JuneGBBD 085

JuneGBBD 080

JuneGBBD 077

JuneGBBD 074

JuneGBBD 062

JuneGBBD 061

JuneGBBD 056

JuneGBBD 055

JuneGBBD 054

JuneGBBD 052

JuneGBBD 051

JuneGBBD 046

JuneGBBD 043

JuneGBBD 042

JuneGBBD 039

JuneGBBD 032

JuneGBBD 031

JuneGBBD 030

JuneGBBD 029

JuneGBBD 027

JuneGBBD 026

JuneGBBD 025

JuneGBBD 022

JuneGBBD 021

JuneGBBD 020

JuneGBBD 018

JuneGBBD 028

JuneGBBD 014

JuneGBBD 015



  1. Lynn said

    Absolutely gorgeous photos. Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.

    It always amazes me to see plants I have in the young and “weedy” stage in my Z5 garden looking so fabulous on the same day someplace warmer. There’s hope.

    Is that ‘Little One’ next to the species Verbena bonariensis? Trying it for the first time this year; it’s nice to see it has promise.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Janet said

    My goodness what a variety of blooms! Really like the Echinacea with the Verbena…nice combo. I think Castor Bean plants are so architectural, nice mole foil as well.

  3. What beautiful photos. And the very first one reminds me that I forgot to add a Castor Bean plant, which I thought would take up a big space in my new garden extensions while I waiting for other plants to fill in.

  4. Hey Lynn, Are you referring to the shorter Verbena next to Verbena bonariensis? I planted it as the V. bonariensis. I was wondering what was going on. A sport? Labeled wrong? Is this a good thing? H.

  5. Hey Janet,

    I like seeing my garden through others eyes. Now that you mention it, I too like the combo of the pink E and purple V. H.

  6. tina said

    Good morning Helen, Seems like Lynn has a name for the short verbena? I liked it very much too. Your garden is so full and lush! Tons of blooms and my how gorgeous it all is!

  7. Hey Tina, Isn’t that funny, when you visited, we were wondering about just that! I like it tall and see through. Also the height make the finches more entertaining to watch. H.

  8. gail said

    Now I am sure I want to take down a tree or two or three…anything to get more sun into the garden! Beautiful flowers and combinations of texture/color and bloom. gail

  9. Randy said

    What a fantastic display of photos! You have a lot of beautiful blooms right now!

  10. Thanks, Gail. We had trees removed from Hurrican Fran in 1996 then some more with lightening strikes – note the plural. And still more with an unnamed nor’easter. Alas, I have fun in the sun. H.

  11. Yes, it looks like summer at your place. I wish you had labeled the photos. There are some plants I don’t recognize.

  12. Ok, Kathy, I’m busted. I spent so much time loading the photos, that I ran out of time naming them…or at least with out looking some of them up. Still don’t know many and still don’t have the time to look up (if I can even.) So here is what I know off the top of my head:

    Red Castor Bean
    Acanthus ‘Summer Beauth’
    Rose of Sharon ‘Diane’
    Crepe Mrytle – I think it’s a Hopi
    Bottle Tree with Cleome and salvia
    Rudbeckia maxima
    ornenmental gourds
    Nikko blue hydrangea
    Southern Magnolia
    Hybrid tea Rose ‘Pink Peace’
    Overview white Cleome
    Coneflowers with verbena ‘Homestead Purple’
    Daylily ‘Buttered Popcorn’
    Verbena on a stick – see Lynn’s comment above
    Monarda Jacobs Clime
    Perennial Heleatrope, salvia
    Purple basil in front of a mugo pine
    Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’
    Lily of the Nile
    R. ‘Hirta’
    E. ‘Kim’s Knee High’ from Niche Gardens plan to see when you are here for GWA
    Erigeron ‘Profssion’
    Overview of Cleome and Cannas
    Shasta Daisy

    Hope this helps.

  13. Woops forget a coscomia Lucifer between the daylilies and verbena. H.

  14. […] Original post: June 2009 Garden Blogger's Bloom Day at Helen's Haven « Gardening … […]

  15. The buds of Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ are so architectural and lovely colours.

  16. I really like your Acanthus. They are such cool plants.

  17. Hey MMG,

    Agreed, Acanthus is a cool plant. The photo shows it past peak…should have photographed it last week. Still interesting. I keep telling people that I’m not a plant geek, that I garden for wildlife, but then I seem to pick up another interesting cultivar without a care in the wildlife gardeners world. H.

  18. Les said

    Nice photos, and it is good to see more of your garden. I have a feeling I am jealous of your space. I am looking forward to your visit.

  19. Hey Les, We have a half acre with beds everywhere. As with everything, its relative, we all want one bed more. Yes, me too, looking forward to our visit. H.

  20. Beautiful Helen. Great photography and beautiful unusual flowers.

  21. Dreamybee said

    What a beautiful collection, especially against a backdrop of evergreens. I know they weren’t blooming, but I noticed them in the background anyway. I’m so jealous of your crape myrtle-mine are just a couple of little sticks in a pot right now. I’m hoping their blooms will come back.

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