Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 24, 2009 A week puttering in Helen’s Haven

It’s really been two weeks since I posted all that goes on in Helen’s Haven and Gardening With Confidence’s world.  I’ll just gloss over the highlights.

Last Sunday I didn’t post because  my family and I were in

Us in Time Square

Us in Times Square

New York City to soak up some culture.  My kids want to go back.  So do I.  We visited the Natural History Museum, took in Lion King, ate multiple pieces of pizza pie, went to  Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, checked out the Statue of Liberty, and acted like goofy tourist in Times Square.  The usual.

This was the first time I took all three kids.  Most years, I will have one in tow or go with a friend.  One year, Lily and I did some gardens.  This year, we didn’t go to any.

They loved the subway and I loved how they compared it to other transit systems they have experienced so far – those of  Spain and France.

My gift to these young’ins,  is the gift of travel.  I’m giving them the opportunity to be wide-eyed and bushy-ed-tailed all around the world and the USA too.  Oh for a stronger dollar.

Saturday, I visited Nancy Goodwin’s Montrose.  It was a lovely day in the garden.  Montrose looked awesome. Magical.   I’ll post about that next week.  Here a sneak photo to pique your interest.

Montrose.  Photo taken in the Blue Garden

Montrose. Photo taken in the Blue Garden

Helen’s Haven is a test garden for Proven Winners.  This week was spent planting pots and beds with this years’ selection.  Check out this photo – it’s really Christmas in May!!!

Proven Winners selection for Helen's Haven to grow

Proven Winners selection for Helen's Haven to grow

I’m pleased with some of the container combinations I created.  Results will be posted later in the season.

As I came and went, I managed to have some fun in the garden:

  • Transplanted a ‘Blue Chip’ form the North Border to the Sidewalk Garden.
  • Fretted over the Cow birds that moved into Helen’s Haven.  My friend, James Baggett, Editor Country Gardens soothed me by reminding me they are native birds.  We may not like what they do, so  plan to just observe Mother Nature as she intended.  He’s right, of course.  Just as I was about to take Jame’s advice, they moved on.
  • Planted a Virginia sweetspire ‘Henry Garnet’ I picked up in Wilmington, NC
  • Planted Rose of Sharon ‘Lavender Chiffon’.
  • Pruned peonies and  roses.
  • Mowed.  Tried to mow this week, but the wheel fell off.  It just fell off.  Ordered new part; need to borrow mower from our dear neighbors.  Not the first time I’ve had to borrow from them.
  • Trimmed back half the Bee Balm to stagger bloom times.
  • Called to the frogs.
  • Set up another rotting fruit station for the wildlife.
  • Added another flat tray ground feeder for the birds such as Mourning Doves and Towhees
  • Had Heather help me whack back the Forsythia.  Need to work on it a little more.
  • Racked Magnolia leaves.  ‘Tis the season to drop leaves.  Should be over soon.
  • Planted a Red Homestead.  I’m excited about this.  Hope it makes it through the winter.  The reds and purples look GREAT together.
  • Planted King Tut near the fountain (one of the Proven Winners.)
  • Read up on Copperhead snakes since I heard there had been some sightings and bitings in the neighborhood.  Working in a garden once, on my knees, I came nose to nose with a Copperhead.  I’m not sure where doing the right think came from, but I froze, then slowly backed out and away.
  • Leveled some pots.
  • Pitched some stories to my editors.

It was a good couple of weeks.  Wrote my column, drafted another story, blogged, client consults, maintenance, design, preparing for a couple of talks…all in the world of a Garden Coach.  Very happy I’m able to work in a field that gives me so much satisfaction.

Enjoy this spring…it’s the only one we will have this year!

Copy and photos by Helen Yoest

Gardening With Confidence



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  2. Les said

    You are indeed a very busy lady. I love going to NYC and I forget the fact that it is so relatively close and easy to get to. My brother lives within two hours and we try to squeeze a trip in when we go see him. I am jealous of your trip to Montrose and look forward to the pictures.

  3. Les, I bet I’m more country-come-to-town then you are! Maybe, we equal in that regard ;~} Montrose KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. I’ve been before, but this opening was unbelievable. I hope to get it up Tuesday.

  4. I’ll be interested to compare PW container combinations — I’m betting several of us chose the same purple-blue-pink themes.

    I put both my King Tuts straight in my pond — figured why not.

  5. Always enjoy a trip to NYC…..the parks are so awesome there. Can’t wait to see the Montrose images. I’ve always loved that garden. Glad to hear its been cleaned up and looking good these days.

  6. Duralee said

    Loved your pictures of Montrose. Looks like a really beautiful place. Would love to wake up to that everyday.

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