May 2009 Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – Helen’s Haven

Last week, it sure seemed like summer was here to stay.  This week in Raleigh, we experienced a very nice spring again.

Once again, we look around the garden for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day.   Carol at May Dreams Gardens started this as a nod to Elizabeth Lawrence.  Here’s my nod to Carol.  Enjoy!

May 2009 GBBD 030

Magnolias (2)

May 2009 GBBD 021

May 2009 GBBD 023

May 2009 GBBD 006

May 2009 GBBD 007

May 2009 GBBD 010

May 2009 GBBD 012

May 2009 GBBD 013

May 2009 GBBD 014

May 2009 GBBD 015

May 2009 GBBD 017

May 2009 GBBD 020

May 2009 GBBD 024

May 2009 GBBD 027May 2009 GBBD 029

Well, I tried to get them all up.  I’ll let these represent the rest.  I hope you enjoyed this visit to Helen’s Haven and return often.  Helen’s Haven is a wildlife habitat, sustainable and organic garden on an half acre lot in Raleigh, NC

Helen Yoest

Gardening With Confidence



  1. Les said

    I could crawl right into that magnolia. I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Me too Les!

    I had about 20 more photos to upload, but my computer decided this was enough. What is a girl to do? I think next time, I will try to do combos that way I can get one shot for every three blooms. Reduce the number of photos to upload and still show off all the blooms;~}

    Looking forwarding to seeing yours.


  3. Les, P.S.

    I’m also partial to the first shot of the herb garden. It is hard for me to imagine that Eve ate an apple when she could have done a lot of damage in an herb garden. H.

  4. Gorgeous pictures!!
    Plant Lady

  5. Debbie said

    What a beautiful assortment of flower and foliage colors. I love the huge leaves and conical flowers of the oakleaf hydrangea.

  6. jo said

    Hiya Helen,

    I like double 0 seven.
    Always a sucker for white roses.
    Is it a Noack rose?

    Would love to know what Campanula 017 is.

    I enjoyed my look round your garden.
    Best wishes,

  7. Muum said

    lookin’ great! is the dark, leafy plant w/ white flowers an elderberry (4th upfrom the bottom )?

  8. Cathy said

    Such lovely may blooms you have! love the magnolia, Happy GBBD!

  9. nell jean said

    Consider combo collages — everything in one place, less scrolling and they can be clicked on to embiggen.

    Magnolias can never be really appreciated unless the fragrance can be appreciated . I floated one in a green bowl last night and just stood there breathing.

  10. Just lovely. Great photos. Isn’t spring the best? Cheers/Yvonne

  11. I love the Magnolia flower picture. Gorgeous!

  12. They are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. Great blooms! I love this time of year.

    PS Giverny — oh my! 🙂 Actually, Paris, the people and everything about the trip was delightful.

  14. Aaron said

    Great Blog–just found this from Blotanical.

    Just wanted to say hey and I think you might like It’s a community of NC/SC gardeners that share tips, seasonal recipes, etc.

    Have a blessed week!


  15. Yes, Muum, That is an elderberry. I picked it up on a girlfriend garden tour trip in Virginia last year.

  16. Yes, Yvonne, spring is one of my favorite 4 seasons. H.

  17. Welcome back C. Can’t wait to hear about your trip. Just returned from NYC with the kids. Fun to hear them compare the subway with outer country’s mass transit systems – esp Paris. H.

  18. TC said

    Ms. Helen, I’m inviting myself over when I’m down for the GWA symposium in September!

    Enjoyed the pics greatly.

  19. TC, It would be my pleasure to show you around! Helen

  20. Teresa said

    Beautiful blooms! And beautiful Pics of the blooms. Thanks for giving us a peek.

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