Gala in the Garden at the JC Raulston Arboretum

What a fun way to spend a Sunday.  Add hooking up with great friends was just one of the many reasons for the fun.

roy-and-juliaRoy Dicks, author of  Rhapsody in Green and Julia Kornegay, Department Head for the Department of Horticultural Science at NC State University.  The man behind the camera was Bobby Ward, Ph.D, garden writer of many books such as  A Contemplation Upon Flowers and is currently writing the much anticipated biography on J. C. Raulston.

roy-dicks-and-helenHere is a photo of Roy and I.  I don’t look nearly as graceful as Julia.   The wind is blowing and I feel like a dressed-in-black version of the flying nun ready to take flight at any moment. Look closely, I am actually; Roy is holding me down!

We are standing in front of the trial gardens.

But look behind us.  I’m really digging the new containers at the JCRA.  Ameila organized the painting of these.  Not sure who did the design, but I’m loving them.  Maybe when I stop by the JCRA to pick up my treasures, I’ll go have a look.

Tim, I have no buyers remorse on the Japanese Maple bid, but which one was it again?  You can be so persuasive.  Consider it as trade for the ENDLESS plant ids I ask of you.

Vandi (with an “i”) just of the day, Rita, Barbara, Loren, Anne, Ed, Vernessa…I’m starting to feeling like a gossip columnists….Ruth, Gloria, Susan, Amy, Jere, Richard, Julia, Tommy, Marcy, Jan, Kathy, Mark, Mark, Mary, Amelia, Katharine, Nick, Katharine, Bobby, Roy, Julia, Viv, Chris, Denny,  Georgina, Bea, Ted, Tori, Cyndy, a covey of Worthingtons, a bunch of Blands, Judi, Ginny, and so many more.

Ok, now I am feeling like a gossip columnists.  ‘Cept, there is not gossip, only that these are just a few of the great folks at the JC Raulston Arboretum Gala in the Garden.  And it was a fun and festive day.  The decorations were enchanting, the bid items enticing.  The food by Catering Works was out of this world.  They had this cool thing – a potato bar.  Who knew?  It was yummy along with the catfish, meats, fruits, and a thing they called Southern Sushi.  Where was kk to make sure I didn’t have anything stuck in my teeth…gotta be careful with food like this!  Seasons abound and have a knack of sticking around, if you know what I mean!

It seems like everyone was there ‘cept my date, Genya.  Genya I missed you, but I understand.  Hope Deyna gets the part!

Helen and Amy

Helen and Amy

Getting Amy's Gala treasures home

Getting Amy's Gala treasures home

Thanks Susan Lamb for these last two photos.  Hey, doesn’t Amy need a Garden Coach to know where to plant her new treasures?


  1. Anne Porter said

    Thanks, Helen!
    Loved all the hats… had fun trying to keep them on with all the wind.
    Just wanted to tell all your friends to come on by the JCRA today… cause there ARE plants left to sell — and a few non-botanical items, as well. We are calling it the GALA STORE!
    Will be fun… and all proceeds will go to the Arboretum.
    Appreciate everyone’s support!!

  2. TC said

    Those containers look really cool; Where can I learn a little more about them? (Your hat looks like it’s pulled down on your head tighter than a hair in a biscuit.)

  3. Thank you TC…it was windy indeed! Yes, I will check out the containers today. I kinda remember Amelia organizing the painting group. I believed they are sections of industrial piping, repurposed into containers. Then they were gussied up by Amelia Lane (co-owner of Lasting Impressions) and a group of volunteers. That just may be a fantasy.

    Have I ever mentioned what a wonderful group of volunteers the JCRA has? We really have a dedicated group!!!

  4. Helen: First time at you blog, but your nice comment at my new Fine Gardening blog motivated me to track you down. Don’t worry; I’m not a stalker. I’ve heard your name from a number of folk in the Garden Writers Association and now I get to “meet” you. I’ll assume you’ll be at the GWA shindig in Raleigh – not much of a commute, I’d guess.

    I’m enjoying what I’m reading here. You cover a wealth of topics and have a delightful “voice”. Glad to found you and will be throwing a link to you at my personal blog ( The more the merrier!

    Have a lovely spring and stay cool this summer. See you in the fall?

  5. Hey Billy,

    I look forward to meeting you in September as well! Come early, the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days tour is the Saturday and Sunday before. 6 great gardens…probably will not be on the GW tour.

    Yes, I will be at Garden Writers; on the local committee with the role of JCRA contact person…not sure exactly what we will be doing yet. Hope to know soon.

    See you on Twitter!

  6. Les said

    Looks like you had a great time. Did you ever find the name of your Maple?

  7. Yes Les, I’m the proud owner of a Acer palmatum ‘Red Pygmy’ H.

  8. beth j said

    Hey Helen,
    You probably already know this but there is a ‘Red Pygmy’ maple in the new Asian Valley at the JCRA.You picked a beautiful specimen to take home from the Gala.

  9. Hey Beth,

    I have yet to see all that has been planted in Asian Valley. Right now, I just stare at the design and am just wowed. I love how the volunteer Master Plan group (all of y’all) used that space, especially with the slope. I heard the ‘Red Pygmy’s was getting a lot of attention; I hope Helen’s Haven will do it justice! BTW – Where were you on Sunday?

  10. beth j said

    I was in Va with family…..I hated to miss the Gala but some years it’s just the way it has to be!

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