Sunday May 3, 2009 A week puttering in Helen’s Haven

The poke weed is everywhere – Ugh!  It was the first plant I remember seeing on the property when we were looking to buy.  I know the wildlife love it, but enough already!!!

This week clipped by and I never got caught up!

Monday was Aster’s field trip to the Durham Museum of Life and Science.  This was my first time being a chaperon.   It’s hard enough to be responsible for others when you know them AND their behavior, but with unknowns, well, it just adds to the responsibility equation.  Still, it was a nice outing.

Sweaty little boy sculpts hair into mohawk

Sweaty little boy sculpts hair into mohawk

Tuesday spoke at the East Regional library in Knightdale, NC.  What an active group Sandi Dabrowski  has gathered for monthly gardening talks.  I spoke on Butterfly Gardening.

Wednesday I was Phoebe King’s guest on  Ask Farmer Phoebe

This weeks show was about creating and certifying your backyard for a wildlife habitat.  It was great fun.  It will be available soon; I’ll keep you posted.

Thursday Finished column Metro Magazine story due on Friday.  Also did lots of plant shopping for next weeks clients.  Thew.

Also, a committee of three toured Helen’s Haven to consider it for the optional tour for the Garden Writer’s conference in Raleigh, September 27th.

Friday Today was Aster’s 8th birthday.  Hard to believe.  While he went to school, I went to the Wilson garden tour.   Les,  A Tidewater Gardener

this pretty garden is for you.  Wilson was a beautiful city with interesting and mature gardens on tour.  Too often, spring gardens opened for tour are no more then a few azaleas and dogwoods with contrived, just planted pots of geraniums.  Nothing contrived about the Wilson Gardens.  It will be held again in 2011.  I’ll be there.

may-1-2009-wilson-garden-tour-270The money raised benefited the Wilson Co. Botanical Gardens. A  young botanical garden, but coming along.


Saturday was  Aster First Holy Communion.  What a beautiful day and experience.  I truly have the best little boy.may-2-2009-first-communion-054

Sunday This brings me to now.  My date to the JC Rauslton Arboretum’s Gala in the Garden just called to say she will be late and will meet me there.   The weather reports says we may have some unwelcomed company with severe storms on the way.

Gardenwise – this weeks fun included:

  • Planted Cosmos including the flat given to me by kk.
  • Planted a flat of Cosmos I picked up from Bonnie at Wilde Oaks Nursery in South Raleigh.
  • Planted 2 flats of Zinnas.  Did you know Zinnas are one of the best plants for butterflies?  Not only do they have the perfect landing pad shape, they are also very high in nectar.
  • Planted some evening Primrose – yes, I really did.
  • Cleared the vole damage as they eat their way around the fountain resevior.
  • Planted Dahalas from Old House Gardens.  The varieties included Juanita from 1949, Hockley Marroon, from 1935 – rarest the tag says, and because they didn’t have something I ordered, they gave me 10 yellow rain lily, from 1880.  Pretty cool, I think.
  • Realized in need to weed – nut sedge is out, Brumuda creeping in, and of course, poke weed.
  • Never made it to Tony’s spring open house at Plant Delights Nursery – I hate that.  There is just too much going on.  I already have his summer and fall dates on my calendar.  I heard his business advertised on the radio.  Don’t remember that before.
  • Noted this is the first week of the roses.  Nice.


  1. Les said

    I appreciate the pictures. It looks like a nice garden. Did you eat any BBQ while you were there?

  2. Never had time! The garden tour kept me busy!

    Saw Mark at the JCRA Gala. We talked about your garden – not you, just your garden;~} Looking forward to seeing it one day. H.

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