Sunday, April, 27 2009 – A week puttering in Helen’s Haven

Geyna's First Don Juan

What at week!  A gorgeous week to scout gardens at the coast.  The best part, I found two gardens that ROCKED!  Can’t wait to share them.

With no rain in 4 days, panic is setting in.

We have had so much rain, there is no reason to worry; however, I just wish it would come at a steady pace.

It’s a given we will have little or no rain in July or August – it’s usually a given we have spring rain, but after the drought of 2007, anything can’t happen.  The worry begins when there is a slowing of regular showers….Ugh!  As such, I am so glad Helen’s Haven is a waterwise design, watered with harvested rain; however, even she has new plantings that must be water to get established.  The spring rains are needed for this.


Liz Driscoll, 4-H Youth Extension Specialists at in NC State University in the Department of  Horticulture Science, brought a group of 45 to tour Helen’s Haven today.

It was an enjoyable experience showing the future horticulturists of America Helen’s Haven.  Highlighted were the gardens sustainability, mulching techniques, rain harvesting, and of course, the plants.  Not your typical southern spring garden, but defiantly much to see.

A great group – way to go Liz!!!!!april-27-2009-junior-4-h-059

During this week, before and after the scouting trip, here is what happened in the garden:

  • Filled the feeders and added fresh water for the birds
  • Weeded the Red Bed edge.
  • Sunk large stepping stone that was set in the lawn to enter the new garden path.  I couldn’t get the mower over it.  Now all is good.
  • Photographed the gardens.  I love this time of year, seeing the beginning of each new season’s plantings.  The first rose on Stairway to Haven emerged.  This is a stunning climber on the arch as you enter the Children’s Garden.
  • The palm is still in bloom.  Funky looking, but interesting.
  • Mowed





  1. deb said

    Sounds like a great week to me. Our mg group hosted 500 highschool students at our Outdoor learning center. Exciting, yet exhausting.

  2. WOW Deb, 500 high school students! You go girl. And way to go. Getting the youth excited about gardening is very important for our future. That is NOT an understatement!

  3. Les said

    I hope you will tell us a little more about your scouting at the coast, maybe even show some pictures.

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