Sunday April 19, 2009 A week puttering in Helen’s Haven













A good part of this week was spent in a gorgeous garden out of town on a photoshoot for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  It poured!  I mean to tell you,  it rained hard.  And yet, we somehow were able to get the shots needed to make a great story.  We stayed wet, yet happy.  The paper reported two inches in a day.  I believe it.


Scott Johnson, Helen Yoest, and Pete Krumhardt

Scott Johnson, Helen Yoest, and Pete Krumhardt

The pine pollen has subsided, the wisteria is growing out of control in the wild, and hardy columbine are dancing happily over the Mixed Border.   Spring is coming along.

While I was gone, my husband and the kids spotted the first black swallowtail.  april-10-2009-048As I sit here writing this, I see several more.  The birds,  bees and butterflies are abound.

I made it to the Lasting Impressions art sale today.  Took Aster as my date; we say lots of old friends.  We picked up some Bloodroot and Hellebore sternii.  Got one for kk.  He’ll love it!!!

Trying to stay ahead working in clients’ gardens, going on photo shoots, scouting gardens and playing in Helen’s Haven is always a challenge this time of year.  Often times it is my garden that get neglected.  Still, I gone some fun done:

  • Mowed
  • Planted wild Columbine augilena ‘Canadensis’
  • Planted a red Mandevilla sun parasol ‘ Pretty Crimson’
  • Filled bird feeders
  • Planted Amaryllis
  • Straightened up potting shed
  • Potted up Castor Bean for kk
  • Pulled out winter hold=over plants.  Looks like the coast is clear from future frost
  • Hung orchids in the “Orchid Tree”
  • Planted a white Lady Banks rose on a bird house post
  • Cut back Shenandoah grass
  • Pinched back front half of a stand of Monarda
  • Swept off pine pollen from back porch cushions
  • Candle pruned mugo pine
  • Traded out back porch planters with palms (Leyland cypress are used for the winter display)
  • Painted garden chairs

Next week, I’m posting with others from the garden blog community on the subject of ” Six plants I can’t live without.”   The postings will be from blogs across the country.  Check them out.  I’m interested to see what the others choose.  The other bloggist include the following:

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Helen Yoest



  1. This post had so many beautiful pics and really made me smile. Hope you have a lovely spring!


  2. Thanx for the info and pictures it was inspiring.

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