Easter Sunday, April 13, 2009 A week in Helen’s Haven

I really don’t know what came over me this week, but it was a wild one.  I tore out 3 large Rosemary and declared a love/hate relationship with lavender – love it in bloom, hate it when not.   I’m pronouncing pine pollen pollution and believe I’m allergic, but in this quantity, who isn’t.  In addition, the pollen arrives at the exact time we want to open our windows.  Anyone who does, will see measurable amounts accumulate in seconds.


Here is what happened in Helen’s Haven this week:

  • Heavily pruned 2 Rosemary’ after removing 3.
  • Pruned the dead out of the lavenders.  Spectacular in bloom, ratty the rest of the time.
  • Weeded the herb garden.
  • Mowed.
  • Worried some about the freeze before it never came.
  • Got Heather over here to help level and raise the herb garden stepping stones.
  • Picked up a little since my Better Homes and Gardens art director is in town next week.  Though not here to shoot Helen’s Haven, I felt like I should pick up some.  Don’t want to give a bad impression.  Otherwise, he may be tripping over kids balls.
  • Planted tomatoes, basil, and peppers.  Our last frost date is not till April 15th, but looking ahead, looks like we will be fine.
  • Noticed Lady Banks rose starting to bloom, hydrangeas leafing out, Virginia Bluebells looking fine, peonies up about 12 inches, but no sign of Baptisia – bummer.
  • Witherspoon Rose Culture started their organic spray program on the formal Rose Garden.  I will be keeping good notes on this.  I very hopeful for this program.
  • All in all, Helen’s Haven is looking pretty good.






  1. Joy said

    The pictures are beautiful .. and YES ! I hate the allergy side kick event that happens here too. I love rosemary plants .. can’t over winter them here .. can’t really keep it going in the house .. so I also can’t wait to have it in the garden and pots .. nothing like the scent of rosemary : )

  2. Helen,

    I pulled out the entire lavender plant if 1/3 was dead! My husband couldn’t believe that I hauled out those 3 foot wide plants by myself yesterday! I’ve been working from morning until dinner each day, only stopping for lunch. Isn’t gardening grand? 🙂

    Happy Easter!

  3. Indeed Joy, nothing like the smell of Rosemary!

    Cameron, you go girl! Tis the season…Happy Easter

  4. Your note on pollen is well understood. My allergies have been acting up for a couple of weeks now. Sounds like you are well on your way with your spring planting.

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