In Print – Carolina Gardener – Urns: Elevate your Garden’s Status


Photo courtesy of Campania International

My story in the Spring 2009 issue of Carolina Gardener is out.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to link the story, just the magazine.

Here’s the intro…

Imagine traveling down a garden path.  You round a curve and come upon a large, shapely urn.  The urn is a focal point set in the garden as if it were a tree, a shrub, or a fine specimen plant.

Most garden designers will tell you, get the “bones” of the garden right and the rest will follow. The lines, hardscapes, paths, trees and accents should look as good in the winter as they do in a summer. Today the increasingly popular urns are just one more element to create interest and add year ’round appeal to your garden…

I hope you want to read more.  Pick up a copy today!



  1. TC said

    I would think containers like that have drainage holes, yes? And I also imagine those made of cement are quite heavy, even the little ones like what you have pictured. They do add a stately flair, elegant too.

  2. Hey TC, the photo of the urn here is offered to retailers through Campania International and it is made from a resin. So if they don’t come with holes, they are easily drilled. The look so real with out the weight issue.

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