Don’t be a bore – hellebore!

Nice arrangement from Pine Knot Farms in Clarksville

Nice arrangement from Pine Knot Farms in Clarksville, VA

I met my first hellebore back in 1988. Judy, my next door neighbor at time, introduced us.  I remember the day well, plant-wise,  anyway.  But for the life of me, I can’t remember where we went.  My first hellebore made her home in my Oakwood garden where I often wonder if she’s still there.

I was smitten by the promise of a flower blooming in the winter.  That was all the encouragement I needed –  even if I did have to lay on the ground to see it. This was also the beginning of my winter gardening journey. If it flowers in the winter and I can grow it, I do.

Over the years, as I built my winter garden display, it’s the hellebores that I return to time and time again.  They were my first love, and somehow first loves are always the best.

Many of my hellebores are baby crosses that my clients wanted cleared out or passed to me by a friend.  They cross easily.  They baby easily.

Haphazard pot-up of hellebores - what they will be, will be a surprise

Haphazard pot-up of hellebores - what they will be, will be a surprise

Unless you are particular about getting a variety you desire, getting babies from a gardening friend is a good way to go.  I branched out this year and bought my first double.  Then another.  I promised I would never do that, but then I remembered, never say never.

'Southern Belles'

'Southern Belles'

My first double was ‘Southern Bells’, one that I picked up at this year’s Pine Knot Farms open hellebore days I shared the wealth and purchased my next double hellebore at Gethsemane Gardens in Greensboro, NC

Double purchased from Gaethsemane in Greensboro, NC

Double purchased from Gethsemane in Greensboro, NC

I thought I had a nice collection until I visited the hellebore garden of my friend Bobby.  Here is some from his collection:










Street-scape makes a nice home for hellebores

Street-scape makes a nice home for hellebores

Here’s some more from Helen’s Haven:




So jazz up your winter garden.  Don’t be a bore – hellebore!


  1. VP said

    Spookily I’ve been eying up the Hellebores at our local garden centre today. They are lovely. Unfortunately all the ones I’ve planted so far have succumbed to blck spot, so I’m reluctant to plant some more 😦

  2. Helen,
    The hellebores are really beautiful!

    I don’t know why your blog feed isn’t showing up on my blog. I’m still seeing your post from a few days ago.


  3. tina said

    Hi Helen, I have tons of babies from my hellebores this year-the first year ever. Now what do I do with them? Surely not leave them all there. Should I spread them out or put them in containers or a nursery bed? Does it matter? I really don’t know.

  4. Tina, you can dig them up and move to other areas of the garden, give to friends or to a plant sale fund raising event. Depending on their mix, if isolated, they may be the same color or different. If there is more than one variety there, plan on and enjoy the mix. I love the surprise. These babies will flower in about 3 years. The haphazard mix I show in the photo, they came form a clients garden. I didn’t want to spend too much time transplanting them “properly” so I brought 2 flats with me and just cut out squares in the seedlings and put them in the pots. As you can see, they are doing fine. I will give them some time to strengthen their root and then move to other areas of the woodland garden. After I’m done with all I need, I’ll just let my own seed out. Nature will take care of the over population.

  5. Wow, Southern Bells is a beautiful double white Hellebore! I am just getting into Hellebore and soon my garden will look like your friend Bobby’s!

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