In Print – Metro Magazine – Thomas Sayre’s latest earthcasting

My March column for Metro Magazine is about Thomas Sayre’s latest earth casting for Eliza Kraft-Olander.  It’s the story of how a piece of very public art found a home down a country road in Raleigh, NC.

Here also is my photo journey of the event; the art set up, curing, and curing spanned over 2 months.


The model









  1. TC said

    Looks like red Kentucky clay. Very unique sculpting.

  2. TC – the concrete was died to match our red North Carolina clay!

  3. joey said

    Unique and certainly ‘earthy’ … I like it!

  4. Les said

    These are way cool. They remind me of Natural Chimnies in VA or something you would see in the Painted Desert.

  5. Kathleen said

    Was an awesome event. The first of its kind for me. Glad to have had a chance to be there. Great company, too.

  6. Yes Kathleen, it was very fun…and yes, I too, enjoyed the company!

  7. Kimberly Russ said

    I love this sculpture. Amazing how it has lasted over the months. I am curious about how it remains erect and how it all came about. A lovely statement on a beautiful piece of land.

    I saw the land prior to the erection, during the installation and currently. I love seeing this everyday. I would love to know more about it’s conception….and are there other pieces in NC???

  8. […] Met with Thomas Sayre about the model he is gifting me.  What an unbelieveable talent Raleigh and world has in Thomas. More Thomas […]

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