Garden Rant announcing 99 word fiction contest

The gardening gals over at Garden Rant have posted a fun contest Garden Rant.   It’s a short fiction, garden writing contest – 99 words or less. Prizes are even involved.

If you choose to participate, leave your entry in their comments.  Its fun and easy to do.  I invested 20 minuets in this endeavour and learned a lot.  It is also fun to see what others wrote.

Here’s my first 99 word fiction:

Nature’s Way, Simplified

Life abounds, all around. As I journey down the garden path, I see holes in the leaves, but butterflies in the trees.

In Nature, one life balances the other; there’s no need to interfere.

The ladybug hungers for the sweet taste of aphids, thwarting the sapping of life from a rose. A bird spies a bug, a cat spies a bird, a fox chomps a cat. Flowers send scent through trumpets of red, ablaze for hummingbirds to spread. A frog feasts on slugs, then croaks with pride. Attracting a mate, to procreate. So it goes, all around, life abounds.

~ Helen Yoest

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  1. joey said

    Had hoped to pop in bed but now you have my head twirling, wondering about Nature’s Way. Beautifully crafted, indeed life abounds, Helen :)

  2. Hi Helen, a thought provoking 99er. Thanks for making us use our noggins!

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