Yet another snow day in Raleigh

You know you are a southern when you get a snow day and you head outside with the camera.  Nothing is safe, the lens points on its one, the button clicks.  The photographer is a mere facilitator…only needed to get the camera out of doors…the camera knows what to do.

You know you are a southern when you get ANOTHER snow day within a winter and you say, “Enough already.”  Oh, sure, it looks pretty, but it looks no different than the last snow.  But this snow, prohibits me from traveling to Charlotte to the Davidson Symposium.  Phewey, and its my birthday.  My annual treat to me.

Poor Tommies.  Hundreds in the grass of the front lawn, covered in snow, and trampled on by cute little kids toes covered in boots as they build snow people.   I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to my crocus friends.  I suppose I’ll start the conversation like this, “Somethings bad things happen to good plants.”

It just ain't natural

It just ain't natural

I want to take photos of the forsythia in bloom – alone, not in the company of SNOW.  What’s up with that?


As the snow melts on the Edgworthia, its like shes crying.  Her scent is masked by snow.  She’ll never get any action like this.


Daphne didn’t want to be remembered like this.  Out of respect, I did not photograph her.

Teddy Bear Magnolia needs a hug.  See how sad she is?.  After I knocked the snow off her branches, I did just that and gave her a big hug.


It will probably be gone tomorrow, at least sometime tomorrow.  The bright side of the snow is basketball practice is probably canceled.  And if we are lucky, our usual school start time of 8:10 will be delayed 2 hours.

In the meantime my new additions from the weekend jaunt are happy to wait to be planted this weekend when the weather will be back to 70s.




  1. Grumpy Gardener said

    Hey Helen,

    What’s that weird white stuff all over your yard? Do you live next to a cotton gin?

    Don’t you feel sorry for people in Florida on a day like yesterday? They’ll never get to see the fronds of a windmill palm covered in snow. Mine looked the same way. Makes me wish I could have gotten a shot of Spanish moss with snow on it. Now that would have been a picture!

  2. Grumpy Gardener: Ok, now what is really weird is that you are happy and I am grumpy! It just ain’t natural! Speaking of gin…H.

  3. I started to say that you sure are grumpy today, Helen. The snow messed up your birthday plans, huh? So sorry.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s too cold for mint juleps, but I think you can figure out what to add to a hot drink.


  4. Cameron LOL, yes I’m grumpy…and Grumpy is happy. What gives????
    Just made flight to NYC for May. That helps some!

  5. Hi Helen, happy birthday to you. Maybe that May trip will be a belated celebration of the date of your birth. I laughed when you got to the part about the second snow and your dissatisfaction with it. The romance is gone, isn’t it? A photo of spanish moss with snow would have been a real score!

  6. Yes, Frances, the romance is gone. I’m thinking my real sadness is coming from the fact that I’m not at Davidson. Which means, I’m here. If I’m here, that means I don’t get a break from carpool, making lunches, chess club, piano, dinner, homework, baths. bedtime, etc. I was really looking forward to a break from the daily grind. Ok, enough of that, let me be happy. I think what I’ll do is ask my husband to pretend I’m not here and let him do what needs to be done without help from me. I would settle for taking him my place at piano lessons with Lily.

  7. tina said

    Happy Birthday to you Helen. I hope the snow is gone soonest, and you can get out there and enjoy a belated birthday. Treat yourself around Raleigh maybe? Time for some plant shopping for sure.

  8. joey said

    Happy Birthday, Helen! Perhaps the snow was an early present … it does look like a fairyland 🙂 You are so far ahead of us with forsythia in bloom (mine are forced inside). Actually, the muted yellow looks lovely under the snow … we always seem to get our last snowfall when they bloom here in April. Enjoy your special day.

  9. Grumpy Gardener said

    Bombay Sapphire gin does inded make the Grump happy. I was considering mixing some with snow, but….well, you just can’t trust snow anymore.

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