Collective Garden Mission Statements – for the love of your garden

Collective Garden Mission Statements

From around the world!

Are you Grounded in your Garden?

How was it possible one simple challenge could spark so much thought?  I can only surmise it’s because gardeners are a passionate people.  We live, dream, enjoy, and delight in our gardens.

Here is the original post to refresh your memory or to get you up to speed Garden Mission Statement

Below are some of the missions statements I’m aware of.  Many other bloggers wrote about their process with many of their readers responding directly to them.

If you read this and want me to add yours to this growing list, please leave a comment.  Also if you have written the process – the journey that led to your creating your garden’s  mission statement, link that as well.

The passion we gardeners have for our gardens is awe inspiring.  Enjoy!

Helen Yoest’s garden, Helen’s Haven, Raleigh, North Carolina, Zone 7b
Gardening With Confidence
Helen’s Haven is a sustainable, wildlife habitat, created to attract and feed birds, bees, butterflies and for the enjoyment of friends, family, and visitors to educate, enjoy, and to understand we are the earth’s caretakers, so let’s take care.

Kathy Purdy’ garden, NY, Zone 4 – length of growing season; 5 winter
Cold Climate Gardening

The Putz at Copper Top, North Carolina, Zone 7
Flower Garden Girl
The Putz at Copper Top:  Decorating A Garden so it brings joy to all who enter.

Arcadia1, Washington, Zone 8
Personal Garden Coach
Arcadia:  The place where the garden of fantasy in my minds eyes meets the reality that I try to create every season

Grumpy’s Inferno, Alabama, Zone 7b
Grumpy Gardener – Southern Living Magazine
The mission of this garden shall be to make the neighbors feel ignorant and inadequate, while requiring only marginal inputs of labor.

May Dreams Gardens,  Zone 5
May Dreams Gardens
To sow, grow, and sustain good things in life’s garden

Tiger, Zone 6/7 On the line & I push it each day
In The Garden
Tiger garden’s mission is to be a cohesive, sustainable community of living and non-living elements working together in harmony to provide the best possible living area and enjoyment for its residents.

Sheryl’s Kitchen Garden, Oregon, Zone 6
Sheryl’s Kitchen Garden
Sheryl’s Kitchen Garden is both gift and giver.

Middleground, Colorado, Zone5
Middleground is a safe haven, a place to be nourished and replenished; a property open to all life; a year-round organic gardening experiment run by an adventurous chef intent on improving the health of the planet, one bite at a time.

The Hooshel Garden, Montana, Zone 3
Living in Season
The Hooshel Garden is a bountiful example of how successes and failures are all part of the learning process, a relaxed environment where food and advice are plentiful, and a hands-on project where the next generation learns to love every aspect of it.

Soekershof Botanical Garden, South Africa
Soekershof, Private Mazes & Botanical Gardens
Soekershof is a sacred enterprise, based on the appreciation of nature, humor, play, creation, expression and respect for the land and the growth and development of the people and plants that participate.

Garden Porn
Garden Porn
If one cannot afford to travel to Hawaii, then create it in your own backyard.

Wolf Dancer Creek Farm ~ The Winsome Winged Gardens
Wold Dancer Creek Farm
Wolfdancer Creek is a sustainable wildlife habitat, and a working Farm, created and rehabilitated to attract and feed our fellow Travelers on this Earth Walk and for the enjoyment of friends, family, and visitors to educate, to enjoy, to dream awhile, and to understand we are the earth’s caretakers, so let’s take care.

Veg Plotting
Veg Plotting
My garden:  ever changing, always learning.

The Garden, Zone 5
Bloomin’ Blogger
Emphasize plants that will attract winged creatures to the garden, and to take the time to pause and enjoy watching them.

Ilona’s garden, Zone 5a
Ilona’s Garden
Welcome life, host peacefully & kindly, provide abundantly.

kk’s garden, My Garden,  Zone 8

The goal of My Garden is to provide a creative outlet for me while challenging my design and horticultural skills, by creating pleasing plant combinations and arrangements that showcase the seasonality of the garden. I strive for the garden to be wildlife and pet friendly. Plant selection and design of spaces endeavor to punctuate the senses and calm the soul. The intent of My Garden is to act as an extension of the house to facilitate outdoor living while providing privacy from the neighbors, yet evoking a sense of enclosure. I look to My Garden to supply seasonal fresh cut flowers and fresh picked vegetables. It is my hope to project a sense of place; home.

Carol Stein’s garden, Home, Zone 7

Your mission is to provide comfort, joy, food, water and shelter for all creatures who venture into your realm. You are a sanctuary of carefully chosen, organically sustained, drought-tolerant and disease resistant plants. Within your boundaries, birds, reptiles and amphibians are in charge of bug control, mammals that wander in may do so unmolested, and human guests will enjoy an atmosphere approximating life.

Phil Abbot and Jayme Bednarczyk’s garden, Entwined, Zone 7

Hopeful dreams entwined with patience and time,

Cherry trees bloom amidst whispering pines.

A hand built home grew among fruitful trees,

Passive solar sited to capture the breeze.

Upon stone walls climbing Roses scramble

Interlaced Clematis delight and ramble.

A south facing room in need of a view,

To embrace the sunlight – geothermal too.

After clearing some pines, light and energy found

Now a beautiful lake where habitat abounds

Entwined gardens with curvilinear walls

Terraced and planted, space to gather for all

Plants for food, plants for shelter

Plants for fragrance, interwoven color with texture.

Pathways meander, through a garden of splendor

Hearts and souls, are nourished and remember.

Villa and garden – with European appeal

Hand built passion entwined – the dream revealed.

Garden Fare, CA
Garden Fare
Mission Statement:Our mission is to create home-scale gardens that provide peace of mind and nutritious food for our community. We design these gardens to be visually interesting, produce abundant fruits and vegetables, and be ecologically sustainable

Susan Cohan, Zone 6
Miss Rumphius’ Rules
My personal garden is an imperfect place of free experimentation for design ideas and sustainable practices. It is a space in a state of constant change—through my own hand, the growth of plants and the seasons.

Sally Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, Zone 7
An Electric Garden
My garden will be a place of peace and abundance for the body, mind and spirit. It will welcome, nourish, teach and soothe. It will serve to honor its part in the harmony, in the dance, and in the continuity of our earth.



  1. tina said

    Wow! There were a lot of bloggers who wrote mission statements. I am in Zone 6/7 (on the line and I push it each day:)

  2. Yes, Tina, there was a lot of interest in folks wanting to write one. I enjoyed reading them all…I hope you did too.

  3. […] Read more from the original source: Collective Garden Mission Statements – for the love of your garden … […]

  4. Esmaa Self said

    What a lovely way to visit each of these gardens and gardeners!
    Thanks, Helen.

  5. Thank you Helen. That was a lot of work on your part. I know I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot about why I garden.

  6. […] Helen’s collection of impromptu and inspiring garden mission statements here . Perhaps you’ll want to post your […]

  7. kk said

    I feel like Im in good company. I wish I could meet every gardener and garden mentioned.

  8. Les said

    My favorite is the Grumpy Gardener’s.

  9. Let see yours, Les.

  10. Les said

    I am committed to being non-committal.

  11. Hey Les, that sounds like a mission statement to me;-}

  12. Ilona said

    Thanks so much for putting these together… what a great addition to the garden blogging community -reading these is so inspirational to me 🙂

  13. Me too Ilona. Please share it with you friends so we can add more!

  14. I have enjoyed my first quick read through the mission statements. I need to take some time when our guests leave to really pour through them. I also enjoyed the pictures of other gardens. Since I am in zone 4 (nearing zone 5 with climate change), on a hill with precious few flat areas, and have to work to improve the soil that nature left, gardening is a challenge. It is a pleasure to read some of the entries from people in warmer climes. Thanks to one and all for sharing.

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