Sunday February 1, 2009 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Good-bye January.  Hello February.  Longer days, more in bloom, shortest month, closer to spring.

I shouldn’t complain, we got it good in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Our area of North Carolina, a large part of our State, in fact, can be gardened year-round.  That’s the way I like it.

Today, it was 60, with a light wind calling my name.  I had some gardening to do as well as some handy girl items on my to-do list.   Here is some of my fun:

  • kk was in town this week, so I had a blast showing him around.  It had been a while since he visited me and Helen’s Haven, so I was nervous.  See, I really, really, really, respect his opinion.  Most times  I comfortable showing folks around, but with kk, I get a little nervous.  I appreciate his eye and opinion.
  • Planted another Confederate Jessamine on the gazebo.  Maybe this year, if I’m lucky, the “look” I’m going for will start to reveal itself.  My goal is for this vine to completely cover the structure and make a private retreat for me.
  • Took care of my bird buddies by filling feeders and cleaning birdbaths.
  • Spotted my first Galanthus.  I was thrilled, however bothered at the same time.  Last year this time, I had 50.
  • A pyramidal shaped trellis I have in my Mixed Border to add interest and to support a Clematis, blew over during the wind this week.  When it fell, it broke apart in a couple of places, so I needed to pull out my trusty friend, my cordless, Black and Decker, drill.  Now she is better than before.
  • Shored up the make shift support I have for the Cross Vine going over the side door to the Office Garden.
  • Set up squirrel trap.
  • Swept the shed.   This is the kind of chore we make up just to be outside!
  • Cut back the dwarf Pampas Grass.

All in all, it was a good day in the garden.




  1. Jane McKeon said

    Helen…You got it goin’ on too, girl! Thanks for the very kind plug for Nature’s Garden. Can you send some of that 60 degree weather up to Iowa? The ground hog here was scared back into his den this morning. Jane

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jane! I tired sending you some 60 degree weather, but there is a cold front is coming through from the west, so when I try to throw it your way, it keeps blowing back in my face. It feels kinda nice.

  3. kk said

    Happy Groundhog Day Helen,
    Thanks for showing me your garden. I was so impressed, I was inspired to work in my own garden, my criteria for a nice garden. I worked all day Saturday but Ive got a long way to go to catch up to you. Your garden has great bones and structure that shows well even out of season. Mostly, I love all your little personal details and accents that make it yours and truely singular. kk

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