Sunday, January 11, 2009 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

We had a week of really wicked weather.  Cold, rain, wind, wicked wind, warm, wanting to rain, rain.  Couldn’t make up it’s mind.  I did see a rainbow, though and was delighted.  These are the little things that just don’t get old.

As I spent my day in the garden, it struck me how little there was to do.  I wanted to do more.  However, the free time allowed my to stop and listen to the garden and all her friends who visited.  There were birds abound.  Cardinals, woodpeckers, wrens, cedar waxwings, and robins.  The squirrels were relentless.  Three more still need to be relocated.

The light was perfect for photography.  I considered going to a scouting location, but couldn’t be pulled away from the feeling the light brought.  It was amazingly quiet in this light.  I listened.

Finally, I was up to do housework, but not before some fun in the garden:

  • Relamping.  This was a term I picked up in my very early contracting days.  In other words, I changed some light bulbs.  Replace 2 flood lights, now I need to replace 2 more.  Also replaced the fuses in the transformer for the low voltage night lighting in the front.  The weird weather caused a power outage.  This outage tripped the outdoor lighting breaker, which tripped the fuse.
  • Reluctantly took  down the garland around the front door.  It held up so nicely this year.
  • Filled the bird feeders.
  • Found a home for a birdhouse I bought a couple of years ago at the january-11-3009-002Raleigh flea market.  It was made with stadium seating.  When I took down the native dogwood lost in the drought of 2007, I wondered what I would do with the bit I left.  This birdhouse seemed like the perfect piece.  I’ll also add a vine.
  • Added 5 more bags of pea gravel to the gravel path on the south side.
  • Talked with Phil Hathcock.  He found the perfect stone on one of his properties for the steps we will build in the Mixed Border.
  • Finally decided what to do with the urn that use to spill flowers; that was going to be a fountain, now holding yellow flag iris.  The problem with this massive urn was it didn’t have drainage and I didn’t want to risk drilling into it.  Finally, it came to me to fill it with flags since they do well in water and so if this urn filled up, it wouldn’t be a problem.   I t looks good.  Man oh man, those flags multiply.  I was remembering last year, I composted 4 wheel barrels and that was after potting up 30 for a plant sale.

Can’t wait for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day so I can share what’s blooming in Helen’s Haven and see and drool at what others have.  For years, I would photograph the flowers in bloom – I called it Flower Find, but never had anyone to share them with.  Now I do and get to see others too!



  1. tina said

    You just gave me a good idea, yellow flags in a concrete basket I have! Like you I don’t want to drain it. The yellow flags are so pretty in bloom. Now to find some close by….

  2. Oh how I wish I could share with you.

  3. Relamping — love the term! LOL

    I have yellow flags in my rain garden. I also have one in a low spot in the island bed between the parking areas (guest and ours). The one in the island bed has a purple smoke bush (obviously drier ground) as a backdrop and it’s quite a wonderful combo.


  4. Excellent choice for a rain garden. I guess I can’t offer you any, since you’re probably trying to find someone to divide them to as well!

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