Sunday December 21, 2008 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

It was a quiet week in Helen’s Haven.  All week, we woke to a very dense fog.  It reminded me of my London days and I started to pine for them.

While living in London, I traveled extensively.  To this day, I wonder how I finished my graduate work missing more than half of my classes.  I couldn’t get over that traveling to Paris from London  was about the same distance as traveling from Norfolk, VA (where I lived before moving to London) to New Jersey; and visiting Paris was a lot more fun.

As I finished up my decorating and the production proposals I was working on for Better Homes and Gardens, I started thinking ahead about garden tasks in 2009.

Helen’s Haven will be open for a few garden tours during the summer and fall of 2009, so I like to use times like this to carve out a big project and make it a priority.   Still, other than the new steps in the Mixed Border, nothing big needed to occur.  Nothing to push me.  Nothing to focus me.  Say it ain’t so!

It struck that my garden may actually be finished, save waiting for things to fill in.  This is an impossible thought.  I suppose there will always be some trading up to do, but the thought that all my “bones” were right, the major plantings were in and maturing, and the children’s playground  – that will be replaced with a greenhouse – was still a year or two off.

The thought paralizes me so much, that I refuse to think of it further.  Instead between some raindrops, I played in Helen’s Haven.

  • Laid 1 cu yd landscape soil.  This only took about a hour and with my hill, it wasn’t fun, but glad I did it.
  • Fed the birds, chased the squirrels
  • Ordered 20 cu yds composted leaf mulch.  Last Sunday, I figured I needed 17, but added 3 more for good measure.
  • Cut back the Nippon Daisies.  I have to remember to pinch them back this year, they can get too leggy.
  • In the Red Bed, raised the stepping stones and leveled with leveling sand.  When the new step are finished in the Mixed Border, the old stones will go to the Red Bed.  They are a bit bigger and will give the Red Bed path more presence.

As I’m writing this, Lily is next to me wanting to share her  Christmas message –

Every gardener is a very good person and every Christian should have a good Christmas.

Hear! Hear! Lily


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