Lesson Your Footprint – 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

In the middle of the Christmas bedlam, I began to think about New Year’s resolutions.  Not sure why this popped into my head; I’m not a big believer in such things.  When I want to change, I do so then, and make that moment the new beginning.   But I guess with all the excess surrounding my life – trying not to be suffocated by the stuff three kids, husband and I accumulate, I thought I’d better begin sooner than later.  What better way than to reduce…just reduce.

As I reviewed 2008, I identified areas where I could have reduced my footprint.  Conscious of the impact I have on the earth, I know a lot of what to do, but don’t always follow through.

For 2009, I have a new,  simple strategy – believe it, write it, live it.   As such, for 2009, I am writing my New Year’s Resolutions for all to see.  Additionally, I will begin to post a column called  Lesson Your Footprint sharing with you what we are doing to lessen our footprint.

Feel free to check back with me during the year to see if I’m on track.  If  not, it’s OK to kick me in  my blog bottom.

Here we go:

  1. Instead of recycling my magazines, I resolve to take them to the Raleigh Garden Club for redistribution.  I would rather they be read by more people than recycled immediately.
  2. Buy only locally grown food and flowers.  This will be tough, but I’m making it a commitment.
  3. Go one full year without buying new clothes…for me.  This doesn’t apply to the kids because the grow too fast, but they will be put on a clothing budget.  It helps that they wear uniforms to school.

Any more than three resolutions would dilute the big pitcher, so three it is.

If you’re wondering why the above resolutions aren’t all garden related, that’s because my garden is organic and sustainable and has been for many, many years.  In fact, I never thought of it as a special way to garden, only THE way to garden; I never felt a need to label it.  Now with more and more new people gardening and my primary business as a  garden coach, I thought it was time to speak in these terms so others will understand and hopefully follow.

My formal education is about the  environment with a master’s degree in environmental engineering.  As I began to garden seriously, my first lessons were ways to lessen my garden footprint.  So, throughout the year, I will reflect on what I did to lessen my garden footprint and share  these lessons with you.

Wish me luck!

Helen Yoest

Gardening With Confidence



  1. Gail said

    Very simple and certainly applicable across the board!
    …Believe it, Write it, Live it. Excellent. It would look fantastic on your sidebar!

    Happy holidays to you!
    clay and limestone

  2. tina said

    Good luck!

  3. Raffi said

    It would also be cool if people decided to help contribute to the online knowledge base, including wiki sites. If you know a bit about gardening, you can go to http://www.plants.am and work on a few articles about various plants to improve them for the world to benefit. There are thousands of articles already you can work on, or else you can start a new one if the plant you want to write about doesn’t exist! There are lots of other wiki sites you can also edit…

    Happy New Year!

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