Opossum, Oh My!

december-15-2008-0281In the last week or so, the Haveahart® traps have caught a raccoon (released in Helen’s Haven), 3 squirrels (released in a nearby park) and now an opossum (released in Helen’s Haven.)

When Aster first told me we caught an opossum, I went to check and sure enough, we caught a one and guess what? he was playing opossum.  The only way I could tell he was alive was that he moved his eyes.

I called on my good looking husband to release him.  Knowing our catch of the day wouldn’t scurry off as other caught critters do, Daddy Dave had to devise a wire thingy to hold open the trap door until our opossum decided it was safe to leave.  I had to go to carpool, but Daddy Dave reported it taking 20 minutes for Mr. Opossum to feel safe enough to leave.  I wonder what tonight will bring…



  1. You have certainly got a fine selection of unwanted visitors. Hopefully they will take the hint and stay away!

  2. What a nice catch. You didn’t want some possum pie? I’d like to set a trap for people who mow on Sunday. I’d release them out in the ocean. I do not like noise. I tell MrD that when he needs to mow…take it somewhere else and of course he does not get that at all. So if I can’t catch annoying noise makers, I’ll just have to herd up the chipmunks. We found a itty bitty wire cage and some chipmunk bait. Smelled horrible. We have got to get rid of these cloning little idget heads.

  3. Me too!!! I absolutely hate noise…and yet, I somehow like the sound of a lawn mower. It reminds me of summer. Remember when we were little, lawns were only mowed in the summer? None of this year ’round stuffl. It’s the blowers that blow in my book.

    I live peacefully with my chipmunks. The thought of an itty bitty wire cage kinda sounds cute. Helen

  4. Les said

    I am finally getting around to commenting on your site after looking through your older posts. This really has nothing to do with possums, but just for the record, dogs are good at keeping them in other people’s yards.

    I wanted to thank you for listing my site as a place you like to visit. There are not too many people who can list Chincoteague as their birthplace. My last name is Parks and their are quite a few of us on the island, but I do not know them personally. My people are just a little further south.

    Next time you see Mark Weathington, tell him I said “hello”. I knew him from the Norfolk Bot. Garden, he also lived a couple of houses behind us before moving to Raliegh and his son and my son were very tight.


  5. Hey Les, I will pass on your hello to Mark. We love him! Also his daughter and mine are buds, we’re taking her to the Nutcracker on Friday night…small world, but I guess kinda not, horticulture is a large bridge which blogging has taught me best.. I don’t make it to Norfolk much these days since I moved my mom here almost 4 years ago. Strange, seeing your site make we realize how much I missed it. Do you have Garden Writers on our September calendar…Raleigh is hosting it.

  6. tina said

    You really have to feel sorry for the silly things. I saw one in a cage once at a nursery (Don Shadows) and felt very sorry for it. Unlike yours though it was sitting so quietly awaiting its fate. Which I did not want to know.

  7. Yes, Tina, he was just caught; at least he was allowed to go free. No doubt, he will find himself in that trap again. H.

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