Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – December at Helen’s Haven

For years, I have been photographing my blooming flowers on the first of the month; I call this Flower Find.  Today I find out there is a Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.  I’m learning…  Helen’s Haven is in Raleigh, NC, Zone 7b,

On the first of December, I looked around and thought this was a particularly bad December given the amount of cold and didn’t even bother to shoot.  When I learned about Bloom Day, I thought sure, I’ll look around and try again.  Still looking puny, here is what I found.



  1. That’s a viburnum in the top middle isn’t it? An early blooming variety. I see homestead’s sisiter in her pink glory. And Rosemary? the pansy is fine looking. My pansies need more sun. This is the first winter in my new home and I’m still figuring out sun patterns. Under the pansy pics is on the tip of my tongue and won’t come out of my mouth. It smells good;) I can sure see that you have been warmer than us. But that is always the case.

  2. Forgive me for being techonlogy challenged. I tried doing this gallery and took the time to list the plant names in the caption, but then they didn’t do like I thought they would; the captions failed to follow the photo.

    Pansey, Majestic ?
    Albelia ‘Rose Creek’
    Homestead Purple

  3. You are doing great blogging! Most people run out of information when they first start…I see you don’t have that problem as you’ve been blogging and writing a long time. Doesn’t matter about the techno stuff.

  4. Sue said

    I’m glad you found GBBD. I like looking at others’ flowers, as it is currently 3 degrees, up from the 2 it has been the last couple of hours, here in SE Nebraska, and nothing outside is blooming.

  5. Hey Sue, I did a job in Nebraska once. I was so amazed how much sky there was and how flat. I flew in Denver and drove staight south, I believe. I saw where I was going what seemed like 200 miles out!

    Glad my puny flowers were better than nothing. I have a lot more blooming in January and Feb…or so it seems.

  6. Debra said

    Hello Helen, thanks for sharing. I love the gallery format – and I know what you mean about captioning photos in galleries. I can’t make it work, either.

    I love that osmanthus – delicate and promising great perfume (I thought it was a Daphne until I read your description).

    I like Flower Find as an idea, too!
    cheers, Debra

  7. Welcome to bloom day. You still have some blooms, which is nice in December! Thanks for joining us in posting on the 15th

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