In Print – Fine Gardening Magazine

I don’t want you to miss my selection of shade-loving  plants in the February 2009 issue (125), on the newstands now, for the southeast Regional Report in Fine Gardening magazine.  I listed 4 of my favorites as Hardy cyclamen, variegated Solomon’s seal, Green and Gold (they used the common name Goldsenstar which was new to me, Chrysogonium virginanum), and Hardy begonia.  Pick up a copy and see why!

Helen Yoest



  1. tina said

    I subscribe so I shall surely be looking for your article.

  2. Sounds great!, I’ll be going to the book store tomorrow. I’ll look for it. I think I got your link straightened out? I have the name of your blog as Gardening with Confidence…and the url as Is that correct? Let me know if it isn’t as I would like to link to you correctly.

    I submitted an article to Our State magazine. Wish me luck!

  3. Yes, that right…I know its confusing, but that is the consequence of changing my name. Once the site is right, we will work on all the other stuff.

    By all means, good luck with Our State mag. I have several ideas on hold there; just wait and see I guess.

    Are you a member of Garden Writers? Do you know they are coming to Raleigh 2009? Check it out.

  4. I am a member of garden writers! I do know they are coming. I was unable to go to Washington. I’ll be ready for Raleigh. I responded to you about that on my blog.

    Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog about Our State. We’ll see.

    As you can see from my recent post–I understand changing names. Yours is not as confusing as mine was at one time….it got to be comical for some but not for me.

    Thank you for the traffic your blog is sending my way. Lots of quality folks coming to take a look. I appreciate it.

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