Sunday December 7, 2008 Puttering in Helen’s Haven

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  I eagerly rise to coffee, a good read, and excitement for my day in the garden.  It is the only day I actually have penciled in to be (working) in the garden.  The rest of the time are stolen moments.

For the first time in a long time, I liked most of what I saw.  Since my business is editing gardens, one can only imagine how often I edit my own.  Satisfied with the design and the plantings, I can now focus on the hardscape. 

Helen’s Haven main mixed border is sloped with  6 or 7 steps to access the upper grounds.  The steps there now aren’t bad, but they could be better.  By better, I mean more substantial.  To make them more substantial, I need to widen the area.   I’m ok with that…it’s time.

Working with Phil Hathcock of Natural Stone Sculpture we will make this happen.   Once the new steps are in place, I’ll plant the area around the steps with low, evergreen plantings to give this area year round appeal.  While my mixed border is beautiful all summer and fall, it is almost naked in the winter.  It’s time to address this problem.

So, today I spent some time removing accents and plantings to make room for the steps.  Here is some of the fun I had today in Helen’s Haven:

  • Removed a butterfly bush  – one that I had long forgotten the name.  Potted it up and put in the holding area.
  • Removed blocks accenting the area around the Henry Lauder Walking Stick.  They will conflict with the new steps.  This little task really wore me out.
  • Transplanted a smoke bush from the secret garden to the mixed border. 
  • Moved out the Harlequin butterfly bush – it reverted to much to my liking.  Heck, it’s only there because of it variegation. 
  • Mowed.  Raked the leaves that had gathered along the border edges into the grass and mowed and mulched.  Soon I will lay composted leaf mulch and it will lay right on top of any remaining leaves.

With the Christmas season comes parties; partying wears me out.

It was cold out there.  I think we are going to have a long, cold winter…I can just feel it.



  1. tina said

    The winter will past fast, you just wait and see.

  2. You’re right, of course, but this one (winter) seems to be starting out so cold…So, I will take some of your optimism, beenie, down jacket, gloves, scarve, boots, jeans, warm socks and a smile and I head out to brave the cold.

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