Frosty came – My 100th Post!

Here is my 100th post.  I imagined I would do something jazzy to celebate this milestone, but then Frosty came and I thought frost – frosting – cake frosting – birthday cake – yes, of course – perfect.  Here’s to 100 more!

I’m a southern through and through.  Even though my side of the south is made up of four seasons, we are not use to really, really cold winters and hardly ever use to a really, really cold fall.  This fall is making up for all the warm falls of the past.  It’s been cold. 

When I headed out for the day at 7:30, I saw frost everywhere.  The whole city looked like it have been sugared – like sugared fruit.  My next door neighbor and I were scraping the thick frost off our car’s windshield at the same time and exchanged a giddy giggle about natures beauty. 


Here is a walk around Helen’s Haven.  Enjoy!christmas-decorations-011 

This the one of Helen’s Haven’s Daphnes.  In a couple of months, the blooms will smell delightful! christmas-decorations-012

 This is vinca minor.  I would have never guessed.  The frost is heavier at the margins making it look varigated…it’s not.


 Would you have guessed this is yarrow? christmas-decorations-014

 How about this…would you have guessed this is Homestead purple Verbena? 


 Huechera ‘Southern Comfort’ christmas-decorations-023

 Once the house of reisling, now warding off evil spirits on the bottle tree. christmas-decorations-018

 Check out my new dwarf Deorda Cedar from Arch Trees christmas-decorations-019

 This is varigated.  Needlepoint ivy. christmas-decorations-020

 This is not varigated.  How cute is this?

Dwarft mondo grass. christmas-decorations-025

 I can make thyme for this! christmas-decorations-026

 A sweet mugo pine.

Everything looks better with a nice frosting…even…. christmas-decorations-021

  A garden hose.



  1. tina said

    So many neat plants! I so covet the daphne, mine died out:( Your deorda looks fabulous-it all does with a bit of frosting. Must be COLD in NC.

  2. tina said

    P.S. Congrats on your 100th post and here’s to 100 more! Did you post on your bottle tree? I’d love to see it.

  3. Yes, daphnes do seem to up-and-die for no apparant reason…still worth trying. I havn’t posted yet on my bottle tree and will do a bottle tree post in general. As I travel, I take photos of gardens and garden art and accents. As you can imagine, I never overlook a bottle tree. I have about 50 really good examples. They just do it for me. There was one that got about 2 years ago. I need to retrace my steps to find it. I was with a friend, she was driving, and didn’t want to stop. It haunts me to this day.

  4. tina said

    Helen, You do have to take time to stop and maybe you’ll find it one day. I have had the same thing happen to me. Are you going to post all pictures? You must’ve seen some interesting ones. I’ve only seen a few (that my friends have) in person. My bottle tree is made out of an old cedar tree. It is different like me and I love it-that’s what counts!

    Typepad and WordPress are such a problem for me as they don’t have that easy subscribe feature for follow up comments like the blogger blogs do, so I sometimes forget to come back and check for a response, but I really wanted to know if you posted on your bottle tree yet so I made myself remember today! I win one finally-it’s either a memory or time thing. I prefer to think it is a time thing:)

  5. Hey Tina, I would love to see your bottle tree. Mine is made from re-bar, but I think the natural ones like yours are the best. If nature can’t provide, go to a welder. If you are into garden art, let me whet your apetite. Today I was at the “birthing” of the latest Thomas Sayre sculpture. I spent the entire day there for the lifting – from 8 AM until 9:00 PM…the last three hours were a party. It was my hope to post it for Monday, but Thomas and his crew had some difficulties resulting in a need for another visit. It will be at least 2 weeks. Perhaps, I’ll post a part A and a part B. I love garden art – any garden art. But I particuly like Thomas’ art – it is on a grand scale…not for us mere mortals. So, I will do a bottle tree posting, but I want to introduce you to Thomas’ work first.

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