Raccoon caught!

Our squirrels are on the relocation plan.  Setting out Havahart® animal traps at various locations in the garden – currently with two under the main bird feeding station, we catch them (or at least hope to) and take them to a nice park down the road.  Often times we wonder if they can find their way back. The theory is they do.  We’ve never tested this theory.   In theory, to see if the squirrels are returning, it has been suggested to spray paint the critter – the tail, or any spot with a color you can recognize again.  We’ve never done this because we felt this put the squirrel at an unfair advantage.  Although we are not fans of squirrels, we still want to sleep restfully at night. 

 These traps have been out for 2 weeks with no results – for squirrels, that is.



Last night, we caught a raccoon.  So what? you say.  But look closely, this raccoon backed into the situation.  This particular trap only has one entrance, so he had to consciously back himself in.





 He obviously got cold, since he scratched mulch around him.  




Here’s my good-looking husband, David, a.k.a. Daddy Dave, letting little Rocky go.










Rocky’s not sure if its safe.  He hangs around for a minute.





 Free at last!november-30-2008-073



  1. Do they make a Havahart that is large enough for deer? 🙂

  2. tina said

    All’s well that ends well. He sure is cute.

  3. LOL Cameron. BTW, Aster has been watching all the Christmas decorations going up and said we needed a deer in our yard for Christmas, the kind that the heads move and if we can afford two, one would be fine…I thought of you!

    Yes Tina, he really is cute.

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