Sex and the City Garden – Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes are to my many pots

november-9-2009-042Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes are to my Many Pots

With company coming, I took a look around and decided to tidy up a bit. When I’m working in a client’s garden, I’m so single minded on the tasks at hand that it makes me look some kind of superstar in efficiency. In reality, I just don’t have any excuses to take a break.

I usually start at one end and work my way around until I am satisfied or out of time. On this day working in my own garden, I started doing what I tell my clients NOT to do and that is I digressed.

Admittedly, I didn’t have a plan; I wanted to pretend I was the gardener of my client – me. It was my intention to start at one end and work my way around, but as I stepped out the back door, I remembered my flowering apricot (Prunus mume ‘Dawn’) was listing; I needed to dig out the back side to give room in order to upright her. Satisfied with what needed to be done, I went to the shed to fetch a shovel. But before I could make it to the shed, I picked up a pot to carry to the area where I store them. Then I noticed with a renewed eye, that my many pots could use some sorting out.

As I’m sorting, Carrie Bradshaw, the character of the Sex and the City fame, comes to mind. Specifically, I am reminded of the episode where she is counting her shoes and realizes she has spent enough on shoes for the down payment she needs for a new apartment. I started to count my pots – then attaching an average cost that each pot represents. Oh, baby! What does this represent, a down payment on a beach house, college tuition for at least one kid, a new car? Maybe not quite that bad, but only because I take home many of my client’s pots. But what I did realize was it represented my garden and my love for gardening.

I then took a renewed look at my garden and felt so happy with what I saw and heard. Flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, bees were buzzing, butterflies were fluttering. There were chipmunks chasing each other around the garden, a crow chasing a cat bird, my neighbor’s cat lounging in the shade, and frogs croaking. I then saw hummingbirds at the Salvia, finches at the feeder, and a bumble bee on the blooming wall Germander. I even saw a bunny lift her nose away from my coneflowers since I just sprayed them with “I Must Garden,” a safe rabbit repelling magic.

To me, gardening is more than something pretty to admire – it’s not about being wowed at some rare and unusual plant variety. My garden is not a plant collector’s dream, but rather a dream come true for a wildlife “collector.” I don’t collect plants; I collect bees, butterflies, and birds. This is their safe haven…Helen’s Haven that I have created for the pleasure of my winged friends and a few four legged ones as well.  I wanted a place where my kids can play safely and feel safe and comfortable to stop to taste fig fresh from the bush, to marvel at the larvae munching on the parsley or milkweed, to espy a chrysalis in the brush, to debate whether it is a Monarch or a Viceroy, and of course, to stop and smell the roses.

Story and photo by Helen Yoest



  1. tina said

    What a very nice way to look at your garden. Just love it!

  2. Thanks Tina. I think it is grand to be a wildlife gardener.

  3. […] bad Raleigh doesn’t have the capability to recycle these pots.  The pots did spur this story Sex and the City Garden. Aster still smiling after loading nursery […]

  4. LOL – I had “clean up pot pile’ on my to-do list for weks now – mostly to make sure no mosquito breeding is taking place in them, more than for neatness sake – my 3 Open Gardens came and went – pot piles still growing and expanding. Have given so many away andrecycled many others – WHERE do they all come from?

  5. Ha Kathy! You know where…temporary housing for all those great plants you have!

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