Flowers That Talk – The Hillbilly

There was a point during the weekend when I was looking forward to having a long Thanksgiving break.  The kids last day this week is Tuesday.  So for Wednesday, Thursday (Turkey Day), Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will all be home together.  David, my husband will no doubt work on Wednesday and Friday – officially and on the rest of the days he will no doubt work un-officially.  I will not be in a client’s garden (well, maybe on Wednesday), but will  spend some time over the break doing some writing (not blogging.) 


But then, Sunday afternoon as the sun was setting, the kids started their in-fighting, name calling, and general unrest.   I then wondered what 5 days of this was going to be like. 


As they were at it, my interest peaked.  It was the name they were using in their name-calling.  This one was new to me.  Lara Rose was calling Aster a Hillbilly. 


I couldn’t make any connection at first until I realized Aster lost a front tooth on Friday night.  So I guess that was what it was all about.  Let us not forget that stereotyping is not good, so to all the hillbilly’s please forgive us. 


Aster was crying at this accusation; he was very upset.  I asked him, “Why are you so upset?  Do you even know what a hillbilly is? ” Yes, he said, “It someone who doesn’t have cable.”


There you go, having someone accusing you of not having cable is just bad.




Story and photo by Helen Yoest



  1. Jack said

    No Cable?

    Heaven forfend. Do not deny yourself. As that great philosopher Homer Simpson said, “Who would think that a tiny strand of wire could give a man so much pleasure…?”

    And what happened to his teeth? Hockey? A bar fight?

    Jack (and Charmaine and the Penta-Posse)

  2. Helen said

    You see Jack, that was why he was so upset…he has cable, so his sister shouldn’t be accusing him of being a hillbilly.

    Not to worry, only a baby tooth. New one shoud be right behind it. The day his permanent tooth is lost in a bar feight, will be the day of someone eles’s muse.

    What’s up for Thanksgiving?

  3. Lona said

    Out of the mouths of babes. Kids say the cutest things sometimes.I consider myself a hillbilly but fortunately we had toothbrushes. I got into a few spats in my day but did not get any teeth knocked out. Just some hair pulled out maybe. 😉

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