Flowers That Talk – Lily learns were Candy Corn comes from


Today is the day I introduce my Lily to Candy Corn.    Lily thought Candy Corn was a really cool plant and that the flower was really pretty and she wanted to taste it.  Of course, I cautioned her that we don’t know if Cuphea micropetala was edible.  I asked Lily if she really thinks this is where Candy Corn comes form, and she says, “Yes.”  Lily also still believes in Santa.  As her gardening guide, I will break it to her one day that Candy Corn is just a plant and a man in red doesn’t come down our chimney.

Cuphea micropetala

Cuphea micropetala

Cuphea micropetala or the Candy Corn plant is a small evergreen shrub that hales from Mexico.
We are just on the edge where it will do well in our Zone 7b gardens.
My friend kk shared this with me from his garden at the coast.  It returns reliablely for kk.  This is the first year at Helen’s Haven, so we’ll see how it does.
Right now it is over 4 feet tall.   In the late summer through the fall, the flowers appreared starting out yellow then giving over to orange as it aged, with a two tone color of candy corn.
It is also a hummingbird magnet.
I took these photos in the morning.  In the afternoon, Lily fell off her bike skinning both knees, an elbow, and an ankle.   I tell her, her boo-boos were weeping and we needed to let them air out.  After a while, she tells me she named her boo-boos Weeping Willows.  It just goes to show, an introduction to the world of gardening builds knowledge and some really cool names.


  1. Amy said

    Very interesting – I’ve never heard of a Candy Corn plant before, probably because it is way beyond my own growing zone 🙂

  2. tina said

    She’s a smart girl no matter what. She is simply trusting your word and gaining knowledge too.

  3. Yes, Tina, she is a very smart girl. You’re right, sort of like Santa Claus, she believes. Lily is a good companion in the garden. She’s really into flowers – especially likes to pick them. Unlike her mama – where I like my flowers on on the plant, she likes them in her hand, near her noise.

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