Friday November 14, 2009 A week puttering in Helen’s Haven

Radius Ergonomic Tools

Radius Ergonomic Tools

Earlier when I reviewed the cultivator on the left, I wasn’t too enamored with it.  I concluded it was because this tool is used mostly parallel to the ground; I didn’t get an added benefit from the fancy handle.

In all fairness, I thought I better test the other three.  These three tend to be used perpendicular to the ground or at about a 37 degree angle.  Now were talking!  The handle works well and did actually aid in reducing stress.

With the Weeder (second from the right), I planted 500 Tommie Crocus in my front lawn in 45 minutes.  I just forced into the grass, wiggled it back and forth until the hole was just right.  In went a tiny bulb.  Quick and easy.  I’m sure it’s good for weeding as well.

As Aster and I put in tulips and pansies at a clients, we tried both trowel types.  The Trowel (third from the right) did nicely for the pansies and the Bulb Trowel (on right) did great for the tulips.  However, I probably could have used the Tulip Trowel to plant the pansies and vice-versa.   This is good to know when I eventually lose one or the other or both.

The literature reads, “The design of the grips on these tools maximizes power and comfort while minimizing hand and wrist stress. The curve of the grip matches the curve of the palm of your hand.”  So there you have it.

The blades are made from an aluminum and magnesium alloy creating a lightweight, yet strong tool.

I hope I don’t loose them anytime soon.



  1. I’ve wondered about the ergonomic handles. It’s great to find a review. Of course, I have such industrial-strength tools right now that will never wear out! I’d feel a bit extravagant to go out and buy more (especially with my bulb-planting completed for the year).


  2. I understand! It would appear I like to leave a little something in ever garden I work, since I loose stuff faster than I can buy it. Often people are surprised to learn I don’t own a pair of Felcos. I would much rather loose a pair of florist cutters I can get wholesale for $8.90 than a $45 pair of Falcos.

  3. tina said

    You’ve just inspired me. I did not know what to do with the crocuses I had purchased and contemplated putting them in the front lawn, you just settled it-it’s a go! P.S. I do like ergonomic tools and have a few shovels that are this way.

  4. Good, let’s remember to share photos in the early spring. I like the Tommies, b/c they are the earliest blooming – up when I need them the most and down when the grass needs mowing!

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