Seasonal Sexiness

Coral Bark Maple
Coral Bark Maple

You can’t escape fall.  Even the most ambivalent observer will stop to stare.  And justly so.  The colors create a melody with color – red, yellow, burgundy, green, and brown.  These colors are ever changing until their last hurrah as they gently glide to earth.

november-11-2008-057Childhood memories are recalled – the raking, the piles, the jumping into the piles.  The wind gently blows releasing a hundred leaves floating across the horizon.  Awareness is heightened; gladness is felt.

My "office view" as I work in my clients garden

My “Office” as I work in my clients garden

You have to absorb it now because its fleeting and there is a long, cold wait until spring.

Even as a winter gardener, after the holidays, I begin to anticipate spring.  But I’ll worry about that later.  Right now I just want to live in the moment and remember this as one of the most beautiful falls ever.



  1. tina said

    So beautiful and such a heartfelt post.

  2. Thanks Tina, I face fall with a little sadness. For me it is the most beautiful time of the year and it’is so fleeting, I guess I just want time to stop…

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