Saturday November 8, 2008 Mom Strikes Fear in an Eight-Year Old Boy

Yep, kids say the darnedest things, but sometimes so do moms. 

I didn’t mean to,  but I struck fear in an eight-year old boy.  The little boy happens to be my little Lily’s love interest. 

I have a defective gene in that I can’t remember any ones name.  This is a well known fact.  I’m at my children’s school doing my volunteer hours, one hour at a time, helping out at chess club.  I’ve done various jobs to garner my requisite 20 hours.  For the last 2 years, I choose chess club.  When I was still a team player, I oversaw major obligations that took up to 100 hours a year in hopes I would be able to bank them.  No such luck.  Upon realizing this, I decided to play by the rules and offer up no more than was necessary. 

Chess club is every other Tuesday after school.  Part of my job is to hand out the name tags.  Since I can’t remember who any ones name, I go around and ask for their name and shuffle through the name tags and pass them out.  I get to John Thomas and say, “John Thomas, here’s your tag.”  John Thomas responds, “Hey, how did you know my name?”  So I say, “John Thomas, don’t you know who I am…I’m Lily’s mom and Lily LIKES you.”  The fear is in this little boy’s eyes.  He immediately looked at his chess partner to see if he heard me too and the look on that child’s face, said yes.  John Thomas and his partner had the exact look on their faces.  No one, but no one discusses who LIKES whom, especially teachers or moms.

I was waiting for some horrible fallout from this.  I choose not to tell Lily my indiscretion.  No need to worry her unnecessarily.  When I picked her up from school the next day, I waited to find out if what I said was all of the school or worse, that John Thomas no longer LIKED my Lily.  She would be so disappointed in me, and rightfully so.

There was no fallout.  They still LIKED each other.  No need for her to know her mom has a big mouth, so mums the word…



  1. tina said

    Lips sealed here..

  2. Helen said

    Spoken like someone who has been there or is forgiven of moms like me;-}

  3. greenwalks said

    My kid is in Kindergarten and still hates boys. But I see others who are already batting their lashes. Yikes. Funny story!

  4. My second grade boy kinda likes a little girl, but I only this from Lily; he would never tell me. My oldest in 6th grade has never had a crush….I hope this lasts until college!

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