Wednesday November 5, 2008 Helen’s Haven, Red Bed, Pinus Strobus ‘Hillside Winter Gold’

Pinus Strobus 'Hillside Winter Gold' Shot in February

Pinus Strobus 'Hillside Winter Gold' Shot in Februray 2007


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The Red Bed




Pinus strobus ‘Hillside Winter Gold’


With resounding four-season appeal, Pinus strobus ‘Hillside Winter Gold’ is a wonderful addition to any garden, but especially for those of us who garden year ‘round.  Hillside Winter Gold offers a nice evergreen color nine months of the year, but come winter, it flashes like a firecracker.  The yellow gold color brightens even the grayest of days. 


While the texts say this conifer requires moist acid soil, mine did wonderfully during the toughest drought protected by a thick layer of composted leaf mulch.  It is in my Red Bed which is an Oasis bed, but Hillside Winter Gold is planted on the dry side of the bed at the margin of a Transitional Bed. 


This pine is a slow grower.  I’ve had her in the Red Bed for about 4 years now.  It is only about 5 feet tall.  It has grown 2 feet in those four years.  John Monroe, owner of Archectural Trees in Bahama, turned me on to this tree.  Well, John has turned me on to so many conifers, I’ve lost track.


Although it can be grown as a full size tree reaching 50 to 80’ tall, it also responds well to shearing or candle pruning once a year.  Mine is sited as a specimen; as such, I want to keep it a specimen.  I prune my Hillside Winter Gold on the forth of July.  As I do so, I’m reminded of the fireworks this tree will bring me, once again, this winter.




This photo is not from my Red Bed, but rather, it lives just up the street from me.  I think it is the most magnificent Sugar Maple I’ve ever known.



Sugar Maple, Raleigh, North Carolina

Sugar Maple, Raleigh, North Carolina












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  1. tina said

    I LOVE that pine!

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